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The Roman Catholic Church,
"Mother of Dictators"

The Catholic Fascist dictators
of the 20th Century 4
  • Belgium's King Leopold II2
  • Belgium's Leon Degrelle
  • Bohemia-Moravia's
        Emil Hacha
  • Croatia's Ante Pavelic 1
  • Germany's Adolf Hitler
  • Italy's Benito Mussolini
  • Portugal's Antonio Salazar 2
  • Slovakia's Fr. Josef Tiso3
  • Spain's Francisco Franco
  • Sudetenland's Konrad Henlein
  • Vichy-France's Pierre Laval
  • Vichy-France's Henri Petain

Note 1:  When some German Nazi officers went to visit Croatia, perhaps to compliment the leaders this ally of the Third Reich on the speed with which they had eliminated the relatively few Jews in their country, they were appalled by the mindless fury that the Roman-Catholic leaders of Croatia were unleashing on their fellow-Croatians, just because they were refusing to convert to Catholicism.

See www.wikipedia.org/Ante_Pavelic or

Note 2: The list of heads of state above was originally compiled by a Hugo Borreson, from Virginia, but thanks to information that I learned from Catholic critics, in Oct. of 2008, I removed Augustin Voloshin, Miklos Horthy, Engelbert Dollfuss, Andrej Hlinka and Anton Koroshec from that list as - for various reasons - they did not belong on it. This list features only Catholics who headed the Nazi "axis" nations during the World War II era. Portuguese dictator Salazar who spent 8 years preparing to become a priest didn't join the Nazi Axis. but he was a sympathetic fascist ally . For a more complete list of Roman Catholic dictators around the world see Note 4 below.

Note 3:   In May 1942, the main assistant to the Vatican Secretary of State, Domenico Tardini noted "It is a real misfortune that the president of Slovakia is a (Jesuit) priest. That the Holy See cannot bring Hitler to heal, everyone knows. But who will understand that we cannot even control a priest?"
        ADSS, Vol. 8, Doc. 426, 597–598

Hitler & Tiso

The worst ever of the tyrants that the Roman-Catholic church
has inflicted on our world
was probably Belgium's King Leopold II

Tyrant-Leopold-II.png "Leopold II took the throne in 1865 and he ruled with the kind of soft touch Belgians expected from their king in the wake of the multiple revolutions and reforms that had democratized the country over the preceding few decades. Indeed, the young King Leopold really only ever put pressure on the senate in his (constant) attempts to get Belgium involved in building an overseas empire like all the bigger countries had. This became an obsession for Leopold II. He was convinced, like most statesmen of his time, that a nation’s greatness was directly proportional to the amount of lucre it could suck out of equatorial colonies, and he wanted Belgium to have as much as possible before other countries came along and tried to take it.
        First, in 1866, he tried to get the Philippines from Queen Isabella II of Spain. However, his negotiations collapsed when Isabella was overthrown in 1868. That’s when he started talking about Africa.
        In 1878, Henry Stanley presumed to meet Dr. Livingstone deep inside the Congo rain forest. The international press made both men out to be heroes – bold explorers in the heart of darkest Africa. What went unsaid in the breathless newspaper accounts of the two men’s famous expeditions is what they were doing in the Congo in the first place. A few years before the two expeditions met up, Leopold II had formed the International African Society to organize and finance exploration of the continent. Officially, this was a prelude to a kind of international philanthropic enterprise, in which the “benevolent” king would shower natives with the blessings of Christianity, starched shirts, and steam engines."


"Stanley and Livingstone’s expeditions composed a major part of opening up the rain forest to the king’s agents. This ruse that King Leopold II was working overtime to get Africans into heaven, worked far longer than it should have and the king’s claim to the ironically named “Congo Free State” was formally recognized at the Congress of Berlin in 1885.
       To be fair, it is possible that Leopold II, a fairly observant Belgian Catholic, really did want to introduce his new chattel to Jesus. But he did this in the most literal, and ruthless, way possible: by killing a huge number of them and making life generally unbearable for the rest as they labored to dig up gold, hunted to kill elephants for ivory, and hacked down their native forest to clear land for rubber plantations all over the country. The Belgian government lent Leopold II the necessary seed capital for this “humanitarian” project – and after he paid that debt off, literally 100 percent of the profits went straight to him. This was not a Belgian colony; it belonged to one man, and he seemed determined to squeeze every drop out of his fiefdom while he still could."
       a website documenting King Leopold's cruelty
        From roughly 1888 to 1908, without ever setting foot in the Congo, this tyrant amassed an enormous personal treasure, by directing the abuse of the people of the Congo for his own gain and killing an estimated ten millions of them in the process.

A more complete list of Roman Catholic dictators around the world would need to include Ngo Diem of Vietnam, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, the father and son Duvaliers of Haiti, and a whole litany of Catholic dictators in the many countries of what should really be called "Roman Catholic America", rather than "Latin America".
        Efraín Ríos Montt (president of Guatemala from 1982 through 83) was one of the few mass-murdering dictators of Latin America who was NOT a Catholic. He was a minister of the ultra-conservative Pentacostal "Church of the Word" based in California and one of the many conservative "anti-communist" dictators supported by the Reagan administration.

for much more on this scandal, see shame-on-the-Roman-Catholic-hierarchy.website/God&TheFascists

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