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How much longer is the world going to
put up with the conceit, deceit and criminality
of the leadership of the R.C.C. ?

Each of the five points below
is a brief summary of a detailed article
in support of that point
(which open in a separate tab,
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1) While claiming for centuries to be "Vicars
of Christ" (meaning stand-ins) for Christ,
the popes have, in effect, replaced Jesus Christ !

2) Neither the teaching nor the practice of
the Roman Catholic Church is in line with
what Jesus taught in word and in deed

3) While Jesus the liberal delivered "good news"
for the down and out
, what many conservative
Romwhen an Catholics, Orthodox and other
"Christians" have preferred to promote,
for many centuries, has been
the "Bad News" of  Paul of Tarsus,
in order to keep as many as possible
of the down and out in their place,
(i.e. out of sight, and out of mind).

4) Many of America's R.C. Church's
top leadership supported slavery and the
rebelious Confederacy
in the U. S. Civil War !

5) Some of the inhuman brutality perpetrated
by Roman Catholicism over the centuries
( along with the other two Abrahamic religions)
may well be a result of their blind
conservative insistence on revering
the God depicted in "the Old Testament",
despite his blatant cruelty and injustice.

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