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Roman Catholicism's
"moral relativism" Irish Style:
[ Just one of a series of pages on
"the RCCs_moral relativism_Vatican style"


The reason that this page is called "Roman Catholicism's Moral Relativism Irish Style" is that it one of a series of pages I created as a result of my realization that in many countries where it has a significant presence – far from practicing what it preaches – the Roman Catholic Church practices the very opposite of what it preaches. Why do people who profess to represent much higher and holier standards than everybody else in the world constantly come up so short when it comes to living up to those standards? Instead, as I show in this page and much more extensively in the web pages below, it's the church itself that is most guilty of practicing "moral relativism".

  1. moral relativism_Vatican-style.html
  2. moral relativism_Italian-style.html
  3. moral relativism_Spanish-style.html
  4. moral relativism_German-style.html
  5. moral relativism_Croatian-style.html

Catholic Ireland identified more with the Fascist Catholic countries of Germany, Italy, and Spain, than with the freedom loving non Catholic countries of England, Australia, Canada, the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union.
        I had never given much thought to the role of Ireland in World War II, because it was on record as being "neutral". But in 2012, I was shocked to learn how terribly the government of Catholic Ireland treated those of its brave citizens who chose not to "walk by on the other side of the road" where the tragedies occuring on the European manland were concerned, but risked their lives to join the allies in fighting against the Nazis. See this very informative article. See these books about this shocking scandal by Robert Widders.

Roman Catholic Ireland's
style of abusing children

Although there were many similarities between the way the children of Ireland and the children of other Roman Catholic countries were abused (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_sexual_abuse_scandal_in_Ireland), there were some unique twists there. Most of the children abused in the U.S.A. were abused as individuals, by priests or religious acting as individuals. Some of Ireland's children were victimized that way as well. But in Ireland, many were systematically or "mass vicitimized" you might say, in institutions were they were locked up and repeatedly victimized by church officials who had made physical, psychological and/or sexual abuse of this young captive population a kind of habit, if not a profession.

One of the readers of our site brought a portion of recent Irish Catholic history to my attention that I had never heard a word about until now. This history is so shocking that I can't bring myself to write about it.  I know that defenders of the Catholic Church would use anything that I might write to accuse ME of bigotry and God knows what else.  So instead I simply urge anyone with an open mind to type the words "Magdalene Laundries" or "Magdalene Sisters" into their browser's search engine box (such as Google) and explore a few of the hundreds of links that come up.  Then, judge for yourself if a "Holy Mother" would treat her children as the Roman Catholic Church treated so many innocent young women, whose only crime – in some cases – was that they had charms that God forbid! were likely to attract the attention of "the opposite sex".


        Miramax produced a documentary film about this story in 2003, called "The Magdalene Sisters", which may well be available to rent.

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