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various branches of
the "one, true, holy"
Roman Catholic Church's
kidnapping rackets:

Spain's version :

In 2011, it was revealed that priests, doctors, nurses (who were often nuns), and government officials in then ultra-Roman-Catholic Spain some 300,000 babies had been in effect "kidnapped" the moment they left the safety of their mothers' wombs. This didn't happen to families supportive of the conservative Roman Catholic church and state that had won the recent Spanish Revolution (against the democratic Republic that had only existed from 1931 through 1936). It was usually reserved for birth-mothers deemed by the authorities to be morally or spiritually "unfit", in order to be sold for profit to parents who were more likely than their birth-parents to bring them up as devout, true-believing, Roman Catholic supporters of Dictator Francisco Franco's fascist regime.
        And this evil conspiracy, begun under Franco, persisted through the 1990's.
        See this at outstanding BBC reporting, including videos.

Australia's version :

During this same period there was a very similar massively criminal and immoral scandal occuring on the opposite side of the globe in Australia, involving as many as 150,000 babies.

Canada's version :

Rev. Kevin Annett, of the United Church of Christ is the best source of information on Canada's crime of genocide against its indigenous children.

Ireland's version :

Ireland's Lost Babies' : BBC Documentary on Irish Adoption (Sep 18, 2014)

Sold to the highest bidder' : how Ireland's institutions allowed Americans to adopt Irish children in the 1950s (Jan 9th 2017)

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