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Intro :
What did Europe's Christian majority do
about Hitler's relentless efforts
to wipe all of their Jewish neighbors
off of the face of the earth ?

1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4a ~ 4b
(and 5 = Roman Catholic victims )
of the Nazi holocaust.

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The initial reason that I became interested in studying the Jewish holocaust was the astonishing fact that came to my attention some twenty years ago that 98% of the population of Germany during that period identified themselves as "Christians" (one third as Catholic, and two thirds as mostly Lutherans and other Protestants)!
        Having spent most of my adult life as either a Roman Catholic or a United Methodist (Christian) clergyman, I had to find out why so many of my Christian brothers and sisters had not been able to do more to prevent or at least limit the enormous monstrosity that happened under their watch.

the various roles available to the actors
in the Jewish Holocaust:

I would like to begin by pointing out that
there were roughly five major roles
that the various participants
could have played at the time, i.e.:

  1. perpetrators (the brains and/ or brawn behind the persecution of the Jews and the other victims of the Third Reich),
  2. victims (the Jews and other targets of Nazi persecution),
  3. escapees (who escaped being persecuted in the first place, or who escaped or were liberated thereafter).
  4. heroes (who opposed the Nazis and tried to prevent, or lessen the damage being done),
  5. bystanders (who didn't know or didn't want to know what was going on ),
  6. enablers (whose actions or inactions aided rather than hindered the holocaust ).

As we will see shortly, some Roman Catholics and other Christians did act heroically to "save" a relatively small number of Jews. But the reason that the Nazi perpetrators proceeded to torture and kill so many Jewish (and other) victims isn't that the vast majority of the 98% of Christians were bystanders – which many Christian observers like ourselves could live with – but because in one way or another so many of them enabled the perpetrators.
        I understand Christians or Roman Catholics don't like such a disturbing indictment being levelled at so many of their co-religionists. But it is Christian teaching that the way to deal with one's sins is not to deny them and to try to silence any witnesses to them, but to face and confess them, and then to repair the damage done to the extent possible, and to strive not to commit those particular sins again.
       However. because some Christians and/or Catholics resent having the good name of their churches questioned, as it is in these pages of my website, they sometimes accuse me of being “an anti-Catholic bigot“ or the like. The truth is I am no more an enemy of your church than doctors are your enemies when they give you a medical diagnosis that you may not be happy with, but which they are reasonably certain is the correct one. But if this is an issue for you, let me tell you a little about myself. I was raised as a very pious, quite conservative Roman Catholic. I spent a total of 24 years in Catholic schools and seminaries culminating in my ordination to the priesthood and my assignment as a seminary professor. Since then I've become much more liberal, have left the Catholic Church, and have become very critical of the hierarchy of my once beloved church family. But many of my very extended family and personal friends are still Roman Catholics, and their faith doesn't prevent me from having deep affection for them. In fact, my continuing love for them is one of the motives that has driven my many years of research and the publication of my many webpages on the subject of the role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Jewish Holocaust.
        As promised above, I would like to begin by celebrating a number of Roman Catholics for whom I have the greatest admiration.

A -  Heroic Roman Catholics
who saved Jews from the Nazi Holocaust :

Thanks to the great Schindler's List movie that Steven Spielberg made about his great exploits, most everyone knows the story of Oskar Schindler. What I would like to do here is publicize some of the lesser-known heroes of that time and place.

As Portugal's envoy to France when it was under Nazi control, Aristides de Sousa Mendes saved about 30,000 people, 10,000 of them Jews.
AristidesDeSousaMendes         Since his Fascist government was unofficially allied with the Axis powers, this very devout Roman Catholic had to disobey his government's direct orders not to help those fleeing Nazi persecution. In the decades following World War II, he was consigned to ignominy by his own government as a result of his actions. Stripped of his job and pension, he and his family were forced into a life of poverty even past his death in 1954.
        see http://forward.com/news/world/306652/a-righteous-diplomat-disgraced-for-saving-jews/
        Here is a link to a lengthy article from the "JewishWeekly" online magazine that features the heroism of De Sousa Mendes, along with several others.

Irena-Sendler.jpgIrena Sendler
a heroic social worker.

A social worker named Irena Sendler (who like most Poles at the time was a Roman Catholic) is credited with risking her own life repeatedly to smuggle some 2500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto and saving them from almost certain death. Catholics may try to steal her glory, but she attributed her motivation - not to her church, but - to her parents who taught her that she "was ethically bound to help a drowning person even if she could not swim herself." (See www.chicagotribune.com/services/newspaper/printedition/sunday/chi-sendler_bdoct21,0,1265159.story?page=2&coll=chi-newsopinionperspective-utl ). Her church, by contrast, consistently maintained that it (and its members) couldn't risk injury to itself as an institution in order to try to help the Jewish people,

The heroism of
ordinary housewives :

"Though the Nuremberg laws had forbidden marriages between Jews and Aryans, they had not annulled existing mixed marriages.  With the progress of the Final Solution, however, this loophole was now to be closed. . . (And so, in 1943) the Gestapo seized several thousand Christian non-Aryans (i.e. Jewish converts) in mixed marriages.  In Berlin alone about 6,000 such men were arrested on February 27.  But then something unexpected and unparalleled happened: their Aryan wives followed them to the place of temporary detention and there they stood for several hours screaming and howling for their men.  With the secrecy of the whole machinery of destruction threatened, the Gestapo yielded and the non-Aryan husbands were released.  Here was an example of what an outraged conscience could achieve, even against Hitler's terror apparatus.
        The German episcopate, after the downfall of the Nazi regime, has taken credit for preventing the compulsory divorce of mixed marriages.  There is strong reason to assume that the lion's share of the credit belongs to the courageous women of Berlin who, in the last days of February 1943, dared to defy the seemingly all-powerful Gestapo and caused the Nazis to fear similar outbursts in the future if they moved to break up these marriages by divorce or deportation."  [ Lewy, pp. 288-289 ]

JanKarskiJan Karski,
the unbelievably
brave spy

Jan grew up as a Roman Catholic in a very Jewish part of Poland. As a member of the Polish underground he spent most of his twenties going behind the Nazi lines, into the Warsaw ghetto and into concentration camps and then reporting on the horrors he had witnessed personally to Polish, French, British, Jewish, Catholic and American authorities, even including President Roosevelt. Sadly, his valuable reports were so "incredibly" horrible that some of those authorities didn't believe them, until months later, when they had been confirmed by other sources.
       On May 29, 2012, President Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously to Karski, who had moved to Washington after the war.
        He was honored with the 'Jan Karski Courage to Care Award' during the Anti-Defamation League's centennial meeting in November, 2013.
        Jan was recognized as a "Righteous Among the Nations" by Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. See more at JamesMcDonaldLegacy [ www.sdjewishworld.com/2015/12/15/jan-karskis-holocaust-reports-were-unheeded/ and
www.christiansanonymous.info/honoring-the-catholic-spy-who-warned-about- the-holocaust-jewish-world-features-haaretz-daily-newspaper-israel-news ]

The lives of scores of Jews were
saved by a "deadly disease" :

"In the fall of 1943, the German army marched in and occupied Rome, Italy. Soon after, the Nazis began sending large numbers of Italian Jews to concentration camps. But a group of Italian physicians came up with a plan to courageously thwart this act of genocide for at least some of these victims. They concocted a fake disease that was reputedly so dangerous it would scare off the Nazis from interacting with these "contagious" patients during hospital checks. Incredibly, the physicians were able to admit patients with K syndrome through the end of Nazi occupation." excerpted from

GinoBartali.jpg Gino Bartali was a
very devout Catholic
and a champion
Italian cyclist,

who was honored by Yad Vashem for playing a leading role in the Italian Resistance and saving hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust. Because Gino was one of Europe's best known and most beloved athletes at the time, and perhaps because his father was a close friend of Florence's Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa, he was able to serve the Jewish-Christian rescue network by hiding crucial documents in the tubes and seat of his bike in order to shuffling them all around Italy.

The heroism of
"the White Rose" society:

With only afraction of the resources available to the powerful Catholic and Lutheran churches, five university students in Munich formed a tiny secret society which managed to learn what the Nazi agenda was all about and published six leaflets that they produced on hand-crank mimeograph machines. Knowing full well that it would cost them their lives, they managed to distribute between 6 and 9 thousand copies before the Gestapo caught them and sent them to the guillotine.
        In the first of these leaflets they wrote, "It is certain that today every honest German is ashamed of his government. Who among us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that will befall us and our children when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes ... reach the light of day?
       In their second, " Since the conquest of Poland three hundred thousand Jews have been murdered in this country in the most bestial way ... The German people slumber on in their dull, stupid sleep and encourage these fascist criminals ... Each man wants to be exonerated of a guilt of this kind, each one continues on his way with the most placid, the calmest conscience. But he cannot be exonerated; he is guilty, guilty, guilty!" [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Rose ]

"Red Orchestra", the story
of the Berlin underground

and the Circle of Friends Who Resisted Hitler, by Anne Nelson, Random House (2009)

The story of a 100 or so loosely allied individuals who strove to counter the masses who blindly followed Hitler, and demonstrated what people with moral courage could do even without the help of powerful institutions like the churches.

FranzJagerstatter one of World War II's
most heroic Roman Catholics

Franz Jagerstatter was not a famous person at the time. But, unlike the "supreme pontiffs, Pope Pius XI and XII, who claimed the title "Vicar of Christ" who while acting nothing at all like Jesus, Franz was a humble peasant with an eighth grade education who exhibited the kind of wisdom, character and holiness that everyone would have expected of Jesus Christ, if he had made his presence known and felt at this horrendous period of world history. Franz is so deserving of being discovered and celebrated as one of the most inspiring persons of the twentieth century that we devote an entire web page of his own to him.


"I did what everyone
should have done"

Arie van Munsum was a devout Protestant, not a Catholic. But when I read his story in an anthology of Holocaust short stories, I thought it was a perfect example of what ordinary "people of faith" could and should have done, in sharp contrast to what most of them did do, during the Nazi holocaust.
        Here's a copy of Arie's inspiring five page story, in his own words.

C - An American Catholic hero :

James G. McDonald

In 1918 McDonald became the chairman of the New York based Foreign Policy Association, and in 1933 was able to secure a private meeting with the new chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler. He was the first American to hear the Nazi leader explicitly vow to annihilate the Jews. That shocking experience changed McDonald’s life. He met repeatedly with world leaders, including President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Cardinal Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII, to warn them of Hitler’s threats against the Jews. But McDonald’s warnings were largely ignored.
        This informative article by Shuli Eshel in the online Jewish The Forward magazine asks the very good question:
Why did the Holocaust Museum (in Washington, D.C.) omit a key advocate for Jews?

D - Heroic Roman Catholic clergy :

Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa
Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa

The archbishop of Florence was recognized as "Righteous Among the Nations" by Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in 2012 for "the central role he played during World War II in the organization and operation of a widespread rescue network.
[ www.db.yadvashem.org/righteous/family.html?language=en&itemId=9606411 ]

BishopAronMartonBishop Áron Márton

"Throughout this period, there was only one Church leader who spoke out publicly and forcefully against these atrocities. The lonely voice of justice belonged to Áron Márton, the Roman Catholic bishop of Transylvania, "
[ http://db.yadvashem.org/righteous/family.html?language=en&itemId=4016317 ]

NuncioAngeloRoncali Angelo Roncalli, who was
later to become Pope John-
XXIII from 1958 to 1963

When the future liberal pope John XXIII was the papal nuncio in Turkey, Angelo Roncalli was so heroic in his efforts to save Jews that he has been honored with the title of "Righteous among the Nations". But Jews have made a point of saying that Roncalli acted alone, not as Pope Pius XII's official representative:
        "Nuncio Roncalli deserves special recognition for his decision to send priests from different countries 'baptismal certificates', religious documents that allowed thousands of Jews to save their lives. The historical and documentary sources brought together in this work clearly prove that Nuncio Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli acted in his humanitarian actions by his own initiative, without following express orders of any Vatican hierarchy, in a disinterested and altruistic way." (from a summary of extensive research done on this subject by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.
        Although Catholic apologists try to credit Pope Pius XII with saving the lives of 860,000 Jews, Jews view Pius XII very differently and have resisted efforts to have him declared one of the "Righteous among the Nations". This website will show why all informed observers should agree with our Jewish brothers and sisters!

He was the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church for nearly half a century until his death on November 1, 1944. In February 1942, the Metropolitan dared to lodge a protest with Heinrich Himmler against the destruction of the Galician Jewish community. The Nazi functionary who delivered Himmler's response bluntly told the Metropolitan that if it were not for his age, he would have been shot for meddling in matters that should not concern him. The Metropolitan saw things differently. He persisted with works of Christian charity. He soon mobilized a Christian opposition to Nazi rule in western Ukraine. He let the Vatican know what was happening, in late August 1942, when he wrote to Pope Pius XII, alerting the Holy Father to the "almost diabolical" nature of the German regime. A few days later he repeated that condemnation in a letter to Cardinal Eugene Tisserant, Prefect of the Congregation of Eastern Churches.
        He also encouraged Christian resistance. Working with his brother, Klymenti, leader of Lviv's Studite monks, the Metropolitan gathered together a small army of nuns and priests who would risk their own lives in clandestine rescue and sanctuary operations. False baptismal certificates were arranged for no less than 200 Jewish children, who were then smuggled to monasteries, orphanages and convent schools in and around Lviv. All of these children's lives were saved – fifteen in the Metropolitan's own residence. This at a time when sheltering Jews was a criminal offense punishable by death. Rabbi Dr. David Kahana also survived thanks to the Metropolitan's intervention. Later he drew up a list of over 240 Ukrainian Catholic priests who saved Jews. This good rabbi noted that his list was not exhaustive.
        The lives of thousands of Ukrainian Jews were saved at the Metropolitan's command. And all remember how, in November 1942, Metropolitan Sheptytsky issued what was to become his best-known pastoral letter, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." His message on the sanctity of human life was a clear condemnation of genocide."
[ from http://www.ukrweekly.com/old/archive/1998/189815.shtml ]

The Ukrainian Catholic
Andrei Sheptytsky

Msgr. Hugh O'Flaherty,
the Irish hero IrishMsgrInVatican
inside the Vatican
(1898 – 1963)

Msgr. O'Flaherty and his allies concealed 4,000 escapees, mainly Allied soldiers and Jews, in flats, farms and convents. One of the first hideouts was beside the local SS headquarters. The German occupiers found out that the leader of the network was a priest and eventually tried to stop him, but could not arrest him inside the Vatican. When outside the Vatican, O'Flaherty wore various disguises. The SS attempted to assassinate him, but failed.

a Portuguese priest who
saved dozens of Jews in Rome
from the Holocaust

As a member of Rome's Pontifical College from 1940 to 1954, Dom Joaquin Carreira hid Jews and others wanted by the Nazi authorities, first in 1943 from the security forces of Italy's Fascist government, which was an ally of Nazi Germany, and then from the Nazi occupiers of Italy, through to the end of World War II in 1945.

Father Patrick Desbois, documentarian of
"the Eastern Holocaust" LastUkrainianJew

Father Desbois is a French priest who set out to document what he called "the Eastern Holocaust".  Whereas the well-known holocaust in western Europe was organized and methodical, the eastern holocaust (mostly in what later became the U.S.S.R.), was chaotic, decentralized and undocumented.
       "German officers wanted to appear efficient, so they documented one mass grave and declared the place 'judenfrei' (free of Jews). In reality, the killings went on for years," he says. "The only way of documenting these [other] graves is asking the locals. Time's running out, and we're the only organization on the ground there."
        "One of the iconic images of this holocaust is this photo, found in a German soldier's photo album with the inscription on the back : 'The last Jew in Vinnitsa' (an important city in the Ukraine) 1941."

During the course of the last decade, Father Patrick Desbois and his team from Yahad in Unum, a French organisation dedicated to Christian-Jewish understanding, have recorded conversations with more than 1,000 witnesses to the mass murders on Hitler's Eastern Front. So far they have discovered some 850 unmarked gravesites – the majority of them previously unknown – including a site at Bodgdanivka which contained the remains of some 42,000 Jews."

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/a-holy-mission-to-reveal-the-truth-about-nazi-death-squads-1690595.html as of 05/26/ 09

Poland issues coins honoring
Poles who saved Jews

"Some 30,000 to 40,000 Jews survived the occupation of Poland because of such (heroic Catholic) families". http://www.jta.org/news/article/2012/03/11/3092075/poland-to-issue-coins-honoring-poles-who-saved-jews

Not so fast, Chief Palatucci !

For several years, his country and his church thought that police chief Giovanni Palatucci had been a savior of thousands of Jews during the Nazi occupation of Italy in the 1940's. But more recent research suggests that despite being sent to Dachau and dying there at age 35, far from being "the Schindler of Italy",   Palatucci had been more likely a villain   than a hero in those years. ( see the 2013 report at http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/downfall-how-the-italian-schindler-was-exposed-as-a-nazi-collaborator-8667485.html )
        Reponding to the Vatican's attempt to discredit the above report, another serious news outlet published the following :
        "The New York Times article said more than a dozen scholars from the Centro Primo Levi at the Center for Jewish History in New York reviewed nearly 700 documents before concluding that Palatucci was a Nazi collaborator and not a savior of Jews. Among other things, the scholars concluded that Palatucci was sent to Dachau not because he helped Jews but because German occupiers accused him of embezzlement and treason."
       Father Salvatore Rufino Niccacci, who risked his life to save 300 Jews in Assisi said of Pope Pius XII: "Isn't his role as the spiritual leader of the Church more important than his role of politician or head of state?. . . Why have You not given us a leader who would have stood up to the devil who twisted Your cross?"
The Assisi Underground:The Priests Who Rescued Jews, p.175

E - The Roman Catholic Church's
scandalous role in the Jewish Holocaust

Many of the critics of the Roman Catholic Church fault it for being too strict.  But the real problem with those at the helm of this church is that – while often very strict where its perception of the wrongdoing of others is concerned – the Roman Catholic Church is extremely lenient, when it comes to the wrongdoing of its own highest placed leaders.

Millions of American Catholics are still reeling from the discovery that, over the years they have had a 4% chance of being assigned a priest who might use their church's sacristy or rectory to sexually molest their children, and pretty close to a 100% chance that when their celibate, childless bishop found out about such crimes, he would do everything in his power to protect the good name of the "One, Holy, Catholic Church" and its clergy, rather than show any concern for the well-being of innocent R.C. children. 

The principal reason that Catholics are dumbfounded by such behavior on the part of their priests, bishops and pope is that they are as much in the dark about the history of this church of theirs as they were about the pedophilia scandals that were going-on unnoticed all around them for decades until lawyers and courts succeeded in uncovering what the Church and a very compliant news media had kept hidden from the world at large all those years.

The more educated Catholics are, the more certain they seem to be that they know all they need to know about the history of their Church.  However, what more educated Catholics usually have in greater abundance than their peers is not more knowledge, but more Catholic indoctrination.  They didn't know any more than anyone else about the recent pedophilia scandals, and they know as little as the rest about the much greater holocaust–related scandals that are uncovered in the pages that follow.
        It amazes me how hysterical people can get over men inappropriately patting women's backsides, as though that was close to rape. The fury has died down now, but for the first part of this century there was a similar hysteria over the abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests. As the father of eight children, five of them girls, I am not unsympathetic to sexual abuse of either boys or girls of any age. It baffles me however, why people can be so infuriated over the sexual abuse of these sympathetic victims, and yet have nothing like that response to the much more serious abuse of millions of some other victims. For decades now, ever since the discovery of the Nazi death camps, most of us Americans and people like us around the world have been horrified by what the Jews suffered under the Third Reich. But we have talked mostly in terms of what the victims suffered, and sometimes about heroes who saved them. But what we have not been told is how such monstrous atrocities came to be planned and carried out in one of the most civilized places on earth at the time!
        When asked how one can be sure to live-on forever, after our life on earth, Jesus said that there were two indispensable obligations that needed to be met, and when asked to elaborate on the second of these, namely "that one love one's neighbors as oneself", Jesus replied with a dramatic story and explained that we need to model our lives on the non-believing "Good Samaritan" in this story, who showed extensive pity for an unfortunate Jew who had been attacked by highway bandits and left for dead :

{ Luke 10 : 25-37 }

One day an expert on Moses' laws came to test Jesus' orthodoxy by asking him this question: "Teacher, what does a man need to do to live forever in heaven?"  Jesus replied, "What does Moses' law say about it?"  "It says," he replied, "that you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind.   And you must love your neighbor just as much as you love yourself."  "Right!" Jesus told him.  "Do this and you shall live!"
        But, wanting to justify himself, the man asked,  "Which neighbors must I love?"   And Jesus replied with an illustration:   "A Jew going on a trip from Jerusalem to Jericho was attacked by bandits.  They stripped him of his clothes and money, and beat him up and left him lying half dead beside the road.  By chance a priest came along; and when he saw the man lying there, he crossed to the other side of the road and passed him by.  A temple-assistant walked over and looked at him lying there, but then went on.
        But a despised Samaritan* (a heretic) came along, and when he saw him, he felt deep pity.  Kneeling beside him the Samaritan soothed his wounds with medicine and bandaged them.  Then he put the man on his donkey and walked along beside him till they came to an inn, where he nursed him through the night.  The next day he handed the innkeeper two silver coins and told him to take care of the man.  "If his bill runs higher than that,"  he said,  " I'll pay the difference the next time I am here."
        "Now which of these three," Jesus asked, "would you say was a neighbor to the bandit's victim?"   The man replied, "The one who showed him some pity."   Then Jesus said, "Yes, now go and do the same."

*The Jewish leaders showed just how much they despised Samaritans when they called Jesus one in { John 8:48 } :The Jews answered him, "Are we not right in saying that you are a Samaritan and have a demon?"

Now, whoever called this the parable of "the Good Samaritan" (and it wasn't Jesus himself) may have missed the point, because Jesus didn't just highlight the genuineness of the compassion of the non-believer.   He contrasted it to the phoniness of the two religious leaders.  This might just as well be called "the parable of phony men of God"?

When, in the course of time, not one or two Jews, but several millions of them were set upon, not by bandits, but by mass-murderers, intent on taking not just their possessions, but the very existence of every last Jew on their continent, how did the Christian clergy of the time respond?

Now the clergy had been reading this important parable for centuries, both privately, and to the faithful who looked to them for the imparting of "God's Word".  They had done the same with many similar passages in which Jesus and many other great prophets of the Bible stress the importance of love and compassion for those most in need of help.  You would think that of all people,, when the occasion arose, these "men of God" would have been ready to be "Good Samaritans" themselves, and ready to urge the faithful to be such as well.  But sadly, that is not what happened.  If the clergy had acted like the priest and the levite of the parable, and simply "crossed over to the other side" in order to avoid seeing and helping the millions of Jews being persecuted and killed, that would have been bad enough.  However, the truth, which I strive to confess in the pages which follow, is that the Christian clergy didn't just ignore horrendous crimes committed by others.  Rather, they fostered a terrible unjustified contempt for Jews over the course of many centuries, and when a few madmen dreamed up a "final solution of the Jewish problem", there were millions of willing Catholic and Lutheran hands ready to carry out those plans!

What a contrast there is between one period of history when the whole Jewish population was persecuted by a powerful ruler of the time, the Pharoah of Egypt, and God prompted Moses and Aaron to lead them all out of Egypt, and twentieth century Europe, RememberHolocaust.jpg when the whole Jewish population was being hunted down and killed at the very heart of Christendom, and not one of those who claimed to represent God arose to lead them out of harm's way.

            This web site has been created :
  1. as a repentant memorial for the millions of Jews who were criminally deprived of their lives, (by "Christians" for the most part).
  2. as a loving memorial for the millions of Christians who lost their own souls, because of the moral bankruptcy of their spiritual leaders, who proved unable to offer their flocks any better advice than "no matter how your nation's immoral leaders are, it is your religious obligation to do your duty". This is such a tragedy that we've devoted an entire page to it.
  3. as a plea to the Christian leaders of our day to begin by confessing the tragic sins of this period and then to stop making similar mistakes in other times and other places, such as targeting the homosexual minority.

This website is divided into this Introductory page, followed by :

P. S. World history demonstrates that social ills can be perpetuated for scores or even hundreds of years without being recognized as such, human slavery being the best, but not the only example. It is wonderful that the abuse of children within respected institutions like the R.C. church was finally recognized and addressed in the early 2000's and that people finally noticed and got enraged over the sexual abuse by powerful men over less-powerful women in the 2010's.
        We hope and pray that the time will soon come when members and allies of the Roman Catholic Church will stop enabling this extremely powerful institution to escape its responsibility for the huge part that it played in the deaths of many millions of totally innocent human beings, and demand that it finally fulfill what was perhaps best expressed in Daniel Jonah Goldhagen's monumental 2003 book, A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair.
        In early 2020 the German Catholic episcopacy published a 23 page apology for the way its predecessors acted during the Third Reich. Those of us who don't read German won't be able to judge the merits of this apology until it is translated into our language, but here is all I know as of May, 2020 :

[ from https://nypost.com/2020/05/03/german-catholic -bishops-admit-they-were-complicit-in-nazi-crimes/ ]
       * See our commentary on the 1937 encyclical,"Mit brennender sorge", being referenced here.

Testimonials I received re: this page

Subject: The RC scandal of the Holocaust
     "Ray I have not read ALL of all your recently linked web pages, but as I read these items (under shame-on-the-Roman-Catholic-hierarchy.website/RC_scandal  ) I find them SUPERB!!!  I have no revisions to suggest.
     I have on numerous occasions pointed a great number of people your way via links to your pages and a few likely have joined "Liberals Like Christ" as a result.  In verbal discussions I also encourage people to read and follow up on your work.
     Your items are majestic, intelligent, wonderfully informative and insightful, demonstrative of genius and compassion, caring.  Many thanks for all your efforts.
Rev.  H. H.,   in Texas.

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