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Bibliography of books dealing with
the role of the churches
in the Jewish Holocaust

the following are by authors I believe to be "Gentile" :

  1. “The Pope’s Dilemma: Pius XII Faces Atrocities and Genocide in the Second World War”, by Jacques Kornberg (a Catholic), University of Toronto Press (Toronto, 2015).
  2. “Wehrmacht Priests: Catholicism and the Nazi War of Annihilation”, by Lauren Faulker Rossi (a Catholic). Harvard University Press (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2015).
  3. "The Aryan Jesus: Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany", by Susannah Hesche (Pinceton U. Press, 2010)
  4. "Pius XII: The Hound Of Hitler - A holy fool for the Führer", by Gerard Noel
    (a Catholic) (2008)
  5. "German Catholics and Hitler's Wars", by Gordon C. Zahn (a Catholic) (1989)
    { U. of Notre Dame Press, L.O.C.  62-9102 }
  6. "Hitler's Pope, The Secret History of Pius XII", by John Cornwell (a Catholic) (1999)
    (See what a great many noteworthy critics say about "Hitler's Pope".)
  7. "Constantine's Sword, (the history of) The Church and the Jews", by James Carroll (another devout Catholic, and a former Paulist priest), (2001)
  8. "Under His Very Windows : The Vatican and the Holocaust in Italy"
    by Susan Zuccotti (a Catholic), (2000)
  9. The Polish Church and Anti-Semitism: 1933 to 1939., by Ron Modras,
    {Professor of Religion at Washington U.  in St. Louis & a former Catholic priest.}
  10. "The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia", by Paul L. Williams,
    (another devout Catholic scholar - 2003)
  11. "Vatican Diplomacy and the Jews during the Holocaust : 1939-1943",
    by Father John F. Morley (another Catholic priest)
  12. "Papal Sin : Structures of Deceit", by Garry Wills (a Catholic)
    (Doubleday, 2000)
  13. Resisting the Third Reich: The Catholic Clergy in Hitler's Berlin by Father Kevin P. Spicer, C.S.C. (another Catholic priest)(Northern Illinois University Press in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2004 - see the subsequent book by Spicer below ).
  14. Hitler's Priests: Catholic Clergy and National Socialism by Father Kevin P. Spicer, C.S.C. (Northern Illinois University Press in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2008, i.e. 4 years after the more positive book above; 369 pp.).
  15. "The Holocaust by Bullets",by Patrick Desbois (another Catholic priest) (2009)
  16. The Holy Reich: Nazi Conceptions of Christianity, 1919-1945, by Richard Steigmann-Gall (2003)
  17. Confront! Resistance in Nazi Germany, by John J. Michalczyk, (2004)
  18. The Restless Conscience: Resistance to Hitler within Germany 1933-45, is
    a film released in 1992 and nominated for an Oscar.

the following are by authors I believe to be Jewish :

One of the scholars who has studied and written most about the Holocaust is the Jewish historian Saul Friedlander who published all of the following:

  1. Pius XII and the Third Reich. by Saul Friedlander, (1966)
  2. The Years of Persecution 1933-1939, (published in 1997),
  3. The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews 1939-1945,
    by Saul Friedlander, (2007), reviewed at theage.com.au/news/books/holocausts-bystanders
  4. "The Popes Against the Jews : The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism", by David I.  Kertzer, (2001)
  5. "The Crucified Jew: Twenty Centuries of Anti-semitism " by Dan Cohen-Sherbok , (1992)
  6. The Catholic Church and the Holocaust, 1930-1965, by Michael Phayer, (2001).
  7. "Pius XII, the Holocaust, and the Cold War", by Michael Phayer, (2007).
  8. "The Real Odessa", by Uki Goni, 2002, demonstrates that Pius knew that ecclesiastical institutions in Rome were hiding war criminals.
  9. "Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Polandby by Christopher R. Browning ( Harper-Collins 1993 & 1998 )
  10. "Hitler's Willing Executioners", by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, (1996)
    ( particularly, pp. 431-441 ) and a whole new book on the topic
  11. "A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust
    and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair
    ", by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen (2002)
  12. "The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany" by Guenter Lewy, (McGraw-Hill, 1964)
  13. "NAZI Terror, The Gestapo, Jews and Ordinary Germans" (1999), by Eric Johnson,
    a professor of history.
  14. "Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, The NAZIs, and The Swiss Banks (1998) " by Mark Aarons, John Loftus &
  15. "The Vatican and the Holocaust: A Preliminary Report.
    International Jewish Catholic-Jewish Historical Commission:
    Submitted to The Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with Jews.  (2000).
  16. "The Abandonment of the Jews"by David Wyman:
  17. "The NAZI Holocaust" (2006) , by Ronnie S. Landau
  18. "Perpetrators Victims Bystanders: The Jewish Catastrophe", by Hilberg, Raul, 1933-1945.  NY: Harper Perennial Library, (1993).
  19. "Hitler and the Holocaust"by Robert Solomon Wistrich (Modern Library; 2003) Read more at http://www.thejewishweek.com/arts/books/killers-jews-or-saviors-jews#K9FHXwWHFox0daRa.99"
  20. "The Polish Underground and the Jews, 1939-1945" by Joshua Zimmerman (Cambridge University Press) doesn't deal with the R.C. church, but with the Polish people as such.

and regarding the record of the Protestant churches,
some of which may have performed even more poorly, read :

  1. The German Churches under Hitler: Background, Struggle, and Epilogue,",
    by Helmreich, Ernst Christian, (Wayne State University Press, Detroit, 1979)
  2. 48 Hours of Kristallnacht: Night of Destruction/Dawn of the Holocaust",
    by Mitchell Bard, (The Lyons Press 2008)
  3. "Betrayal (of their faith): German (Protestant) Churches and the Holocaust", (1999) by  Robert P. Ericksen, Susannah Heschel (Augsburg Fortress Publishers, ) see more
  4. "Christianity, The Other, and The Holocaust: (2003). by Michael R. Steele "
  5. "Twisted Cross: The German Christian Movement in the Third Reich",
    by Doris L. Bergen, (University of North Carolina Press, 1996)
  6. "Hitler's Cross: The Revealing Story of How the Cross of Christ Was Used As a Symbol of the Nazi", Erwin W. Lutzer. (read reviews before reading this book. My own view is that this is fundamentalist sermonizing, not scholarly history.)
  7. "Theologians Under Hitler: Gerhard Kittel, Paul Althaus and Emanuel Hirsch"
    by Robert P. Ericksen, (Yale University Press;1987)
  8. "When the Witnesses Were Silent", by Wolfgang Gerhach.
    And other books on the Holocaust :
  9. "Blowback : America's Recruitment of NAZIs
    and Its Effects on the Cold War
    "(1988), by Christopher Simpson
  10. "The Holocaust Conspiracy: An International Policy of Genocide."by William R. Perl, (1989)
  11. "The Secret War Against the Jews :
    How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People
    " (1997) , by John Loftus, Mark Aarons
  12. "The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust as Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum"by  Michael Berenbaum, MA: Little, Brown and Co., (1993).
  13. "A (brief) History of the Holocaust"R.S. Botwinick (Prentice-Hall, 2001)
  14. "The Holocaust: A History of the Jews of Europe During the Second World War." by Gilbert, Martin, Henry Holt And Co., (1987).
  15. " The Second World War: A Complete History", by Martin Gilbert, Henry Holt And Co., (1992).
  16. "Encyclopedia of the Holocaust by Israel Gutman, editor:  Vol. 3.  NY: Macmillan, (1995).
  17. "The Destruction of the European Jews", by Raul Hilberg, , .  NY: Holmes & Meier, (1985).
  18. "Holocaust.  Israel Pocket Library.  Jerusalem", Keter Publishing House:: (1974).
  19. "Red Orchestra", The Story of the Berlin Underground and the Circle of Friends Who Resisted Hitler, by Anne Nelson, Random House (2009).
  20. Hunting Evil: the Nazi War Criminals Who Escaped and the Hunt to Bring Them to Justice, by Guy Walters , Bantam, (528 pages - 2009)

Books in Defense of Pope Pius XII :

  1. "Hitler, the War and the Pope", by Ronald J. Rychlak (a non-Catholic and associate dean for academic affairs and professor of law at the U. of Mississippi School of Law, i.e.  not a historian.)
  2. "Pope Pius XII" (2003), by Sister Margherita Marchione, Ph.D.
  3. "Pius XII and the Second World War: According to the Archives of the Vatican"(1999) by Pierre Blet, (Jesuit priest) (Translated from the French by Lawrence J. Johnson)
  4. "The Myth of Hitler's Pope" , by Rabbi David Dalin (see my review of both books at the "myth" and "Hitler's Pope").
  5. "Pius XII and the Holocaust: Understanding the Controversy", by Jose M. Sanchez tries to find a middle ground, between critics and defenders of Pius XII.

Here are other excellent Holocaust web sites :

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