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The Scandalous Role of
the Roman Catholic Church
in the Nazi Holocaust
Section 5
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"According to the Church report issued on 8 April 2008,the Catholic Church had employed at least 5904 slave labourers in 776 Catholic institutions. However, it has managed to minimise the consequences, in terms of both public opinion and financial compensation. Holding itself aloof from the common fund has allowed the Catholic Church to treat compensation of its victims as a purely internal matter, with no oversight and out of the public view. The report claims that by the end of 2004 it had paid each claimant 2556 Euros (at that time worth about $3776). However, after almost 60 years it was only able to find 587 of these aged survivors. The delay caused by the remarkable forgetfulness of the German churches has saved them much unnecessary bother and expense. at least 5904 forced labourers -- and they admit it could be more. Of course, by the time they were forced to begin assuming some responsibility for this, it was almost 60 years after the war's end and they were only able to find 587 survivors to compensate."
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William A. Donohue, the C.E.O. of the Catholic League (for religious and civil rights) proclaimed on its website [ ] on 2/28/08 :
        “For the record, Hitler persecuted the Catholic Church and was automatically excommunicated in 1931—two years before he assumed power—when he acted as best man at Joseph Goebbel’s Protestant wedding. Hitler even bragged about his separation from the Church. As for doing nothing about the Holocaust, Sir Martin Gilbert reminds us that Goebbels denounced Pope Pius XII for his 1942 Christmas message criticizing the Nazis (the New York Times lauded the pope for doing so in an editorial for two years in a row). Much to Hagee’s chagrin, Gilbert also says that Pius XII saved three quarters of the Jews in Rome, and that more Jews were saved proportionately in Catholic countries than Protestant countries. Indeed, Israeli diplomat Pinchas Lapide credited the Catholic Church with saving 860, 000 Jews. No religion can match that."

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