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Testimonials relating to the sites
by David Dubuque dealing with
the Roman Catholic Church

( Most of our sites deal with religious or political issues other than the R.C. church, and there are 175 or so very generous testimonials relating to those other sites catalogued at RayDubuque'sTestimonials.)

  1. (of 23)   Subject: Re: shame-on-the-Roman-Catholic-hierarchy.website
    " I Think your website is fantastic, The way it is laid out is superb. My name is A. P. and i live in Scotland. At present i am thinking about doing a book on some of these scandals centred on the Catholic Church. I was wondering if i can use the information on your website about these scandals and I would highlight your website and your work in my book."
    Thank you!   G P
  2. (of 23)  Dear Mr. Dubuque,
          "Thank you for your website.  I am a Christian Liberal Democrat who has never been politically active, but because of the shock of the agenda of the Right-Wing Christian Republicans and Election 2000, I am now fully involved in my search to counteract their unfair propaganda.
          I am encouraged by people like yourself who have had similar experiences as myself.  I was born a Catholic, but I no longer attend the Catholic Church.  It has become politically Republican and spiritually questionable.  I am saddened by the feeling of loss from the community of the Catholic Church that was so much a part of my childhood, yet I have found comfort in the words of Jesus Christ - "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free".
          Your voice is so needed during this period in our history.  I feel that our Democracy and the integrity of Christianity are in jeopardy.  Using Christ for the sake of politics is an anathema in my opinion.  To do so spoils the purity and sacredness of personal religious experiences and re-directs it to an open forum in order to promote secular legislation.
          I am grateful that God has chosen you for the purpose of encouraging Liberal Democrats who are Christians.  My sadness comes when I think of how the Right-Wing has divided Christians and pitted them against each other.  Perhaps their purpose is to divide and conquer for the sake of politics.  I think that many genuine Christian believers who are Republicans are being blind-sighted.  However, I firmly do believe that truth shall be revealed and untruths shall be exposed in time.  God bless you,
    - S. R.,  ( a Louisiana Democrat ) "

  3. (of 23)    Subject: Your websites
            I stumbled across your Catholic Arrogance website while researching information for a paper I had to write (I'm a college student), and then I just delved into your other sites moments later. Your websites are excellent. I am a Christian who has left-wing political views, and these sites only gave me more reasons to not be afraid of being such a person.
            I have never been able to understand why so many leaders of the Religious Right movement have been trying to use their religion to oppose paying for people's healthcare (especially when you consider the numerous times Jesus mentions helping the poor), to prevent LGBT's from marrying (considering that the explicit nature of homosexuality is never mentioned in the Bible), and to justify infringing on women's access to abortion and birth control - I can imagine a similar scenario to John 8:2-14 here between Jesus and the oh-so-saintly conservatives who hang around outside abortion clinics and bash the "sluts" who go in to get the procedure. While these actions certainly seem to go hand-in-hand with their personal ideologies, I have never seen a convincing argument for believing they do not conflict with the Lord Jesus Christ's teachings.
            Please add me to your e-mail list - I would love to receive updates. Thank you for posting such outstanding websites, and God bless you.
    -Larry B. (age 20, Illinois) "

  4. (of 23)  Subject: re: Call no man 'father'
          "Ray, I have viewed your site a number of times and thought I'd say Hi and great site.  I was raised in the Empire*Church, a 'Grand Knight of the Altar', 'Bishop's Accolade', and other crap.
          As a teen, my father was assigned to the embasy in Madrid.  a trip to Rome showed me the disgusting hoard of wealth and booty in the Vatican and i was "allowed" to bend and kiss the ring of Pope John the 23d.
          Three years of living under the Catholic fascist dictator Franco, and learning of his Catholic buddies, Adolf and too many dictators to list, and visits to sick and demented churches like 'Valle de los Caidos', a burial monument to death under fascists, I told my parents on my 18th birthday, after my return to the U.S.A., 'I am not a Catholic ! ! ! !'
          I now am always amazed at the free ride the Empire*Church gets.  Like this morning, I called a liberal talk show that had complained about the "evangelicals" on the right and the three stooges ( Dobson, Robertson, Falwell ) and suggested they consider who is getting the power in America these days.  All four Bush appointments are Roman Catholics, they will have five with Alito, unless Sen. Salazar (RC) decides to filibuster.
          The liberals will blast the evangelicals over and over, but when I suggested they look at the Catholics, the host said he would not attack the Catholics; many good Democrats are Catholic ! I told him that I lived in a country where the Catholics took over both partys and the courts and installed a dictator. with control of the U.S. Supreme Court, when Congress passes an unconstitutional law.........who ya gonna call ? ? It took 40 years for Spain to take control from the Church. for awhile. I hope this country will come to its senses before it's too late.Keep up the needed work."
          Gary (owner of 2 Masters degrees)

  5. (of 23)    Subject: Testimonial
          "I was raised Catholic and converted to Mormonism a decade ago because I received a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel. The more I learn about Jesus and His teachings, the more convinced I am that HE is liberal. That's why I cannot understand the love/hate relationship the Mormon church members have with the religious right. Everything the so called Christians on the religious right do, say, stand for and support is in direct opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ!! I can't help but to shake my head in disbelief each time I heard a fellow church member promoting the republican agenda. In the meantime, I will keep serving others, loving my neighbors as myself and supporting progressive causes. Thank you for your wonderful website, we need it now more than ever!!!"

  6. (of 23)    Subject: The scandals of the Holocaust
         "Ray I have not read ALL of all your recently linked web pages, but as I read these items (under http://shame-on-the-Roman-Catholic-hierarchy.website/RCscandal.html) I find them SUPERB!!!  I have no revisions to suggest.
         I have on numerous occasions pointed a great number of people your way via links to your pages and a few likely have joined "Liberals Like Christ" as a result.  In verbal discussions I also encourage people to read and follow up on your work.
         Your items are majestic, intelligent, wonderfully informative and insightful, demonstrative of genius and compassion, caring.  Many thanks for all your efforts.
    Rev.  H. H.,   in Texas.

  7. (of 23)    Subject: Church/State page
          "Hello, I like your site, and I love your title. It makes me immediately feel like I have a home, and it gives me hope in the aftermath of this terrible election.
    K. H., Progressive Catholic from San Jose. Definitely (I pray), a "Liberal Like Christ"..

  8. (of 23)  Subject:I just wanted to say that I discovered your site several months ago, and finally found the time to make my way through the many writings on it.
    A friend and I were discussing religion, in particular, fundamentalist Christianity, and he brought up his distaste for Paul of Tarsus. (My friend is a devout Christian) He had made mention of Paul's disparaging teachings on women in the church and homosexuals, etc. I expressed to him my same feelings about St. Paul, and I then did a little research on the subject. That is when I came across your website liberalslikechrist.org.
    I have to say that I have become an instant fan! Not big into labels myself, but for argument sake, I would describe myself as a 'non-fundamentalist Catholic Christian'. I am also gay. I have come to know many a fundamentalist/evangelical type Christians over the years. Thanks to your site, I am able to find a better way to respond to them, especially with regards to the Bible being the 'unquestioning word of God' and you have given me a better approach to the question "are you Born-Again?"
    In conclusion, I just wanted to thank you for your website. It feels great to know that I am not alone in my beliefs and feelings about Christianity as a whole.
    What are your thoughts on Bishop John Shelby Spong? I see that you have quoted him. I was always intrigued by his writings, based on the little that I have actually read. Would you recommend him as a reliable source?
    Yours in Christ, "
    Rob D,
    Swampscott, Massachusetts

  9. (of 23)    Subject:
          "Thank you for your efforts in Your website is amazing!
    GOOD JOB, Ray! As a tax paying, law abiding, disabled veteran, previously Catholic, GAY person – I commend and thank you for your efforts in ignorance reduction!
    Warmly,   Linda"

  10. (of 23)    Subject: Great Site
    Dear Ray,
         "Thank you for taking to time to put together such a great site.  I refer to your research often when I'm talking to misinformed Republicans – Southerners who often get their "history" from Rush Limbaugh.  God bless you for being part of a true Christian minority in the US – those of us who actually try to do as Christ taught us.
          I rarely take the time to email comment to people about their sites, but yours is so good, so thorough, so unique, so desperately needed, that I had to tell you."
    - M.C.  (a devout white southern Catholic liberal).

  11. (of 23)     Subject : Liberals like Christ
    To: Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
         .  "Thank you so much for this ministry.  It is fantastic and such a hopeful sign for our times and the future of our democracy.  A WWII vet, I have been a liberal since my monastery days having been enlightened by our novice and cleric master as to co-ops; small farm problems, papal encyclicals on social justice, etc.  Dorothy Day et al. "
    (Rev.) Jack E Holman
  12. (of 23)    Subject: Your website
            "I just had to thank you for your wonderful website, Liberals Like Christ. I have been through an ongoing- and it seems never-ending- search for the truth as far as spirituality and religion goes and I think I may have found it through this website.
            I was raised Catholic but have had an on-again / off-again love affair with it for most of my adult life. Right now, it is off-again... and from all the things I am learning from your various web pages (and what I have learned myself), it is most likely to stay off.
            However, I am wondering if there is any church out there today that one can attend that preaches Jesus (not Paul) and the importance of loving one's neighbor as Jesus loved us? Perhaps it is not important but I still feel the need to "belong" somewhere, to be part of a community... can you recommend any denomination that in your opinion, is the least offensive or the most like what Christ would have us do?
            Thank you for putting it all out there for those of us who want to know the truth." Brenda G.

  13. (of 23)     Subject: What a great website!
    "Hi Ray,
          Thank you so much for putting together this web site. I think it is important that you understand there are many, many Americans who share your views. I am too disgusted with the rich religious institutions in this country to go to church or temple. To live like a true Christian is to be 'Christ-like" (ie. like Christ). Christ spent most of his time challenging the rich and helping (feeding, clothing, teaching) the poor. How many of these religious hypocrites actually do this? They help themselves. Ironically, the churches in America have become the houses of pharoah, protecting and promoting the powerful and taxing and oppressing the poor to death.
          Lastly, to be rich is to be wicked and evil. Alas, that is a hard pill for affluent Americans to swallow as they plow down the highway in their SUV's on their way to their holiday homes (skipping church another weekend, alas!)
    Frank F. :)"

  14. (of 23)    Subject: Thank you
          "I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for reaffirming my ability to be a Christian and a liberal
          A week before the November 2nd elections, I received a letter from a candidate running for state representative from my district, in which he called upon my vote to help "boot those anti-Christian liberals." I have never, in all my life, felt so personally attacked. To my mind and heart, there is nothing less Christian a person can do than create negative stereotypes of people they have never met. And when that stereotype is that the group is "anti-Christian" I feel that that act, in and of itself, goes against Christian theology
          Of course, I have never really doubted that Jesus was a liberal and that promoting social welfare programs and freedom to choose how one wishes to live their own life was doing nothing short of His work. But, I applaud you for your efforts to educate those who are waivering in their ability to be Christian Liberals- sometimes it is nice to have someone tell you you're not crazy for thinking they are not mutually exclusive. I will definitely be stopping by to read more often and will pass your site along to everyone I know
    A. D.

  15. (of 23)    Subject: Thanks for your website.
            " In the current environment of right-wing Christianity's popularity, it's both overwhelming and disheartening that people who are supposed to be lifting up Christ are lifting up so many ideals that are anti-Christ. Hopefully more and more liberal Christians will come out of hiding and speak up for what's right. "

  16. (of 23)    Subject: when I quote the things Jesus actually said,
          "I knew there had to be people like me - "liberal" Christians. I have a hard time going to churches because they always end up preaching right-wing hate instead of the Gospel. Or, they end up being one more money-making enterprise. I don't see how anybody could read even one of the Gospels and vote for hate-mongers like W. The Devil flees when you quote scripture. I get a lot of conservative acquaintances (who think they're religious) totally tongue-tied when I quote the things Jesus actually said. It really motivates me to read the Word. "

  17. (of 23) 
    Wow! I just want to say thank you for taking the time to create this web site. I grew up in the Lutheran church and studied religion through private Lutheran schools my entire childhood. In choosing politics, I've always said I am going to choose the politicians who are doing things to help people. I remember being taught not to trust blindly. Read your Bible, learn it for yourself, and you'll know without a doubt if your church and/or politican follows Christs teachings. For me, your website and everything I've read so far is so on target and it's amazing! It puts into words so many feelings, thoughts, and perspectives, that until now, I was unable to express.Thank you!
    I think most of all, I've gained a new perspective on my own life. I've struggled for years trying to figure out why the church doesn't fit me anymore. You've given me new hope to find what I am seeking. I love how you've included bible passages, explanations, and reminders about how we are supposed to live. I hope many many more find your site and take the time to embrace it. Thank you and God bless you, and all who have helped you, for making a difference!
    Thank God for liberal Democrats:
    Cari, “Michigan Republican

  18. (of 23)  an Evaluation form submission:
    Sent by = Link from another web site
    Content-other = I was raised a Roman Catholic, through schooling.
    I love the idea of "Liberals Like Christ" but I feel offended about the Jewish Connection who blames Roman Catholics for the Holocaust. Although I was raised a Catholic, I am a Liberal, and believe that the "Christian Right" is doing great harm to Christ's religion. How about blaming the Luthern Church in Germany, as most German's were Luthern.
    NonChristian-other = As long as the non Christian is not using this endeaver to find a place for itself that places Christ as the non- Messiah.
    Style-other = Don't be hijacked by Jewish organizations, as they already have captured the Quaker Society, the Priestley Society, and the Uniterian Church, since non of them believe in the "Divinity of Christ." I believe in the Divinity of Christ.
    Christian = Liberal Catholic or Orthodox
    NonChristian = 4 - Generally Positive
    Leaning = Very Liberal

  19. (of 23)  an Evaluation form submission:
    Sent by = Other
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 3- generally attractive
    Christian = Other ( I will clarify below: )
    NonChristian = My closest description is . . .
    Leaning = Fairly Liberal
    Party-other = as a young man born into an ultra conservative christian family, i began to question many of the things i was taught, and discovered that a large part of the doctrine did not in any way seem to be God's rules, but mans. i am now 63, and am seen by my peers as quite liberal, but am still attending church at a local pentecostal house, and still do music there. i am a preacher's kid, and so is my wife, so we are at odds with lots of the family, although both my parents have passed. i voted for obama, am glad i did, and get most of my news from msnbc. can't stand faux news. won't read sara palin's Book to Nowhere, and will continue to vote mostly democratic.

  20. (of 23)  an Evaluation form submission:
    Sent by = Link from a discussion board
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 4- very attractive
    Christian = Liberal Protestant
    Christian-other = I was raised Catholic, but joined a protestant church and got baptized. I find myself drawn to some of the teachings and practices of Catholicism, because I cannot relate to the politics and hate of most protestant churches.
    NonChristian = My closest description is . . .
    Leaning = Moderate
    Party-other = I used to be a Rush Limbaugh "hater." I voted for republicans for 10 years. My eyes were finally opened and now I CANNOT vote for a republican. I am registered with the democratic party. I tell my conservative friends that there are social liberals who are republicans, but are wealthy and vote for their pocket books. I also tell them that there are socially conservative democrats who believe in helping the poor and disenfranchiesed, which lately tends to cover more of the U.S. population.

  21. (of 23)  an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Link from a discussion board
    Content = 4- Outstanding. I find this site and documented ideals to be an important resource.
    Style = 4- very attractive
    Christian = Liberal Protestant
    Christian-other = I was raised Catholic, but joined a protestant church and got baptized. I find myself drawn to some of the teachings and practices of Catholicism, because I cannot relate to the politics and hate of most protestant churches.
    Leaning = Moderate
    Party-other = I used to be a Rush Limbaugh "hater." I voted for republicans for 10 years. My eyes were finally opened and now I CANNOT vote for a republican. I am registered with the democratic party. I tell my conservative friends that there are social liberals who are republicans, but are wealthy and vote for their pocket books. I also tell them that there are socially conservative democrats who believe in helping the poor and disenfranchised, which lately tends to cover more of the U.S. population.

  22. (of 23)  an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Link from another web site
    Content = 0- Other ( I will clarify below: )
    Style = 0- Other ( I will clarify below: )
    Christian = Liberal Catholic or Orthodox
    Leaning = Very Liberal
    Time spent = less than an hour
    Content-other = I was raised a Roman Catholic, through schooling.

  23. (of 23)     from Evaluation form of Liberals Like Christ site.
    Content = "I cannot tell you how much I am pleased for your site, and totally overwhelmed by your courage and dedication. I already subscribe to your news letter, but I am now sending your site to many friends who share, as I do, your thoughts. We are all activists for equality and for justice.
    Style: Fantastic!
    Religious background: I was raised Catholic, but left the Church a long time ago. My Church is my heart.
    Time spent: many hours."
    - Monique F,  Philadelphia, PA

Advice from the great comedian, George Burns, that I have tried to follow on my web sites, where many sections are essays or sermons;
      "The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible."

      Considering the source, we wear as a badge of honor evaluations of our shame-on-the-Roman-Catholic-hierarchy.website by "Religious Right" people like (Rev.) Phil Johnson (on his website www.spurgeon.org/~phil/bookmark/realbad.htm) excerpted below :
      ". . . More from the sewer of Socinianism.  Here's a site that pits the apostle Paul against Christ in order to justify a socialistic gospel, touting leftist politics and kneejerk liberalism, rather than faith in Christ alone, as the way of salvation." ( I am proud to oppose Paul at Bad News Paul, because of his opposition to the Gospels' Good New for the poor Jesus brought to our world.)
      The "Patriotic Thunder" is an elaborate site designed by extremely macho conservatives who select a liberal each week for special abuse. Should I be ashamed to be in the company of Noam Chomski, Jane Fonda, Pres. Hugo Chavez, Christiane Amanpour, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?
        They are no longer on line, so people must now know how to use the "Wayback Archives" to see how they roasted me on their http://www.patrioticthunder.com/whackjoboftheweek22.html page.
and the ones below:
Date: April 1, 2004
from: Bo Logan
To: Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org    Subject : 3 brief notes on three pages
re: King's Vision page:
"this is absurd.  I am so glad King is dead."
re: Liberals page
"very interesting that all the best places to live are European !!! "  that means white places.  HA HA
[What Jesus-would-be-furious.info/Liberals actually shows is that the best countries of world are all Liberal ones.]
re: "Liberals Like Christ"
"ludicrous.  this is the most insane web site I have ever found.  it is pathetic. very sad.  we all know that Christ would vote for George W. Bush.  Liberals are the anti-Christ and the scum of the earth.  GO 'W'  in 2004 ! "
and this gem from a student at N. Carolina State U.  (whose name and email turned out to be fake) :

From: Kevin Craver (???@nsu.edu)
To: Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
April 18, 2002    Subject: Liberals page
     "I hate liberals that love fags like you.  you twist the bible to meet your own needs instead of taking it as it is.  (so we have a bible-lover here!)  You're in favor of gun control and pro-choice.  I truly hate fag lovers like you.  I laughed at Matthew Shepard.  stupid faggot.  just like you liberals are.  _uck you fag lovers.  _uck your gun control and _uck your existence.

Sent: Jan. 30, 2009
Subject: re:LLC Ray's bio page
"Fuck you dude....
The reason you didn't stay Catholic is because you couldn't get the pussy if you were a Priest and I'm guessing by the fact you've adopted more kids than Woody Allen you get the pussy from more than just your wife.
Fuck you...Eat shit cocksmoke. "
from a Mark Miller (seattlehawk94@hotmail.com)
From: "Peter Wilson" peterwilson1@lycos.com
To: ray@liberalslikechrist
Aug. 08, 2005 " I came upon your assinine (sic) website quite by accident tonite. . .  your slander and out-of-context presentation on Pius XII is reprehensible. . .  yet another reason for the final demise of liberalism into the ashbin of history! I suggest you checkout Rabbi Danlin's (sic) new book on Pius XII to see the jewish case for the canonization of this great pope. . .  in the meantime wash your mouth out with soap. . .  shame on you all!
| P S  You may print this in your testimonials section but being a broad-minded liberal I would not expect you to print it there. . . 
Ray's response:
Dear Peter,
      Is there anything more asinine than a critic who is too lazy to reference the actual title of a book that he claims is the last word on the subject at hand and too ignorant to even know the name of that book's author?  Peter, there is no "new book on Pius XII by a Rabbi Danlin (sic)".  You obviously haven't seen the book that you reference or read a word of it. Yet your level of scholarship is such that you know that it is true and definitive.  How sad!!!
      Such ignorance is understandable however, if the source for your information is the ultra-conservative "Human Events" web site (which is likely, as the book isn't in general circulation yet. . . Their review of this book (http://www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?id=8090 ) asks and answers the rhetorical question,  "Was Pope Pius XII secretly in league with Adolf Hitler?  No, says Rabbi David G. Dalin, author of the revealing new book The Myth of Hitler's Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis ."   Whoever made that comment (whether author and/or critic) shows that they haven't even read the books which this book purports to refute.  Having read many of those books myself, I know that none of them even makes the claim that   "Pope Pius XII was secretly in league with Adolf Hitler".
      I was tempted to tell you in a nutshell what these books do say, but that would only accommodate your laziness. If you really care about the truth, then you will have to find it by doing your own research.
      And Peter, I'm accepting your challenge and publishing your comments on our RCA_Testimonials.html page.
      Rev. Ray Dubuque
( P.S. Once the book actually came out, unlike Peter, I actually read Rabbi Dalin's book myself. I found it laughable, I created a web page called shame-on-the-Roman-Catholic-hierarchy.website/HitlersPope.html in order to spelled out the reasons people should see it for it is, a joke, not serious scholarship.)

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