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Why isn't Liberals like Christ tax-exempt ?
        Why isn't Liberals like Christ tax-exempt ?
        We are the total opposite of "the vast right wing conspiracy", which is so deceitful that it denies its own existence, has spawned any number of blattantly political groups that have applied for and received 3,01,c. tax-exempt status, on the basis of the patently dishonest claim that they are mainly or mostly about "charity" or "religion", while the sole and total purpose of their existence is to promote the political conservatism of the Republican party.
       Although "Liberals like Christ", on the other hand, is recognized by the U.S. government I.R.S as a non-profit organization, legally incorporated in the state of Connecticut, we shun federal 3,01,C status because we are proud and totally unapologetic about the noble truth of our cause, i.e. that we want to be the un-official religious wing of liberalism in America.
        Our ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE is to promote the welfare of the whole range of our unfortunate and/or oppressed brothers and sisters, as Jesus of Nazareth encouraged us to do, which makes us more worthy of being viewed as a "charitable" cause than our rivals on the right. But we are not going to lie about our intention of being totally political, as they do, in order to get tax-exemptions.
       HOWEVER, that need not affect our DONORS! Any donor who is bothered by not getting back some tax-exemption, can simply deduct that portion of their donation to us right up front. And since you won't be planning to get any tax-benefit later, you won't need to fuss about receipts, reporting, or the like! Problem solved, for you, for us, for the government, and even for any critic that might be tempted to attack us on that basis!
       For a time in late 2016, we tried taking donations through a credit-card processing company, but that was costing us more than it was worth, so we have had to go back to the more traditional method of donation by check. We are sorry, if that causes you a little more inconvenience, but we would really appreciate it if you can tolerate that nuissance as a "good-will offering" to our cause.
                        Simply email us emailit.gif at, and we will instruct you as to how to proceed.