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A) This church's OVERARCHING Problem


1) Doctrinal Arrogance
2) Papal Infallibility
3) One True Church
4) Tradition / Church Fathers
5) Christ vs. the Church
6) The Church vs. Sex
7) The Church vs.Women
8) The Church vs. Gays
9) History of teaching on abortion
10) Church vs. Kingdom of God
11) Indulgences, Purgatory & Limbo

C) Problems with important Catholic

1) Contrast between Christ & popes
2) "Call no man father"
3) Sermon to the Hierarchy
4) Vatican Palace
5) Church & Slavery
6) Catholic "Religious Right"
7) Priests dying of AIDS
8) Catholic Statistics
9) Why do Catholics love the dark?
10) Holy drug-money
11) The Magdalene Sisters
12) Church vs. Democrats
13) Scandal at Austrian Seminary
14) Excommunication of U S Liberals
15) The Catholic vote in America

D) Problems with OFFICIALS
and/or CELEBRITIES of the R.C. church

1) "Vicars" vs. Christ
2) Arrogance of the Hierarchy
3) Pius XII "Hitler's Pope" ?
4) Murder of liberal popes
5) Blind R C Leaders
6) Church Fathers
7) Episcopal Extravagance
8) Pope Pius IX
9) Pope John XXIII
10) JohnPaul II
11) Ratzinger Article
12) What a billion members prove
13) The Fatima Hoax
14) Mother Teresa
15) Padre Pio
16) Opus Dei
17) R C celebrities, past & present

E) Specific R.C. church scandals:

1) Arrogance of the Hierarchy
2) Catholic Holocaust in Croatia
3) Clerical pedophilia
4) Major Papal scandals
5) Murders in the Vatican
6) The "Holy Inquisition"
7) The Jewish Holocaust : a) The Church's bloody hands
b) Nazi leaders who were RCs
c) Hitler was a Catholic
d) the Holocaust's Catholic victims
e) Clergy support of the Nazis
f) Pius XII "Hitler's Pope" ?
g) Rebuttal of Church's excuses
h) 1933 Church/Reich Concordat
i) History of Jewish hatred
j) Saviors of European Jews
k) Our Holocaust Bibliography
l) Canonize Franz

8) The Native-American Holocaust