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"Christian" Billionaire,
Philip Anschutz

We thought we would take a look at one of the world's richest people, and some of the possible cross connections to people like George W. Bush, et. al. . An article in this piece describes him as " Christian billionaire Philip Anschutz ". "Drilling on Hallowed Ground: On May 21, the Bureau of Land Management upheld billionaire Philip Anschutz's right to drill an exploratory oil well on sacred Native American land in Montana. The Anschutz Co. ultimately wants to drill in the 4,268-acre site, known as "Valley of the Chiefs," which contains an archeological treasure-trove of prehistoric rock drawings. After years of regulatory delay, BLM granted permission to drill less than two weeks after President Bush's inauguration. Anschutz was one of the president's biggest donors, giving more than $300,000 to Bush's campaign and to the Republican Party last year U.S. OK's Billionaire's Montana Oil Well," Los Angeles Times, 5/22/01" http://www.nrdc.org/air/energy/aplayers.asp "How the presidential candidates handled the UP-SP merger Brief by Central Staff Politics & Transportation - November 1996 - Colorado Central Magazine - No. 33 - Page 4 Phil Anschutz, principal owner of the Southern Pacific, had contributed $163,380 to various Dole campaigns from 1979 to 1994, and also gave $100,000 to Dole's Better America Foundation. And the Republican Party had received $546,000 in "soft money" from Union Pacific and the Anschutz Corp."
http://www.cozine.com/archive/cc1996/00330045.htm "Big money behind "inspirational" billboard campaign By Jeremy David Stolen. Perhaps you've seen the billboard on Hawthorne with the photo of a cherubic little girl waving an American flag, and the words, "What makes us great. Unity. Pass it on." Or possibly one with the Chinese pro-democracy activist facing down tanks in Tianneman Square, and the caption, "Sometimes it's a lone voice. Courage. Pass it on."
        Or maybe you've gone to the Movies 12 in Springfield and sat through a thirty-second "Pass it on" commercial set to America the Beautiful that advertises a soft-focused, amber-tinged version of American life in which small farmers still make a living, people of different races get along, and professional baseball is a sport akin to kid's play rather than a corporate industry full of overpaid prima donnas. If you've seen these, or any of the other "Pass it on" billboards or commercials, and have been suspicious about their source, youčre not alone. On Feb. 18, "REXELLA" posted to the Portland Indymedia website expressing annoyance ("Gross, isn't it?") about the little girl billboard, pointed out that "The Foundation for a Better Life" is the apparent funder, and surmised, "From the amount of exposure they're able to afford, it wouldn't be a long shot to assume there's big money somewhere. Anybody have any leads?" As it turns out, several people did have leads that they posted to the Portland Indymedia newswire as they found them. Before long, a money trail was uncovered that led to Philip Anschutz, whom the BBC has described as having "a reputation as one of the hungriest of U.S. corporate vultures." Anschutz owns a vast empire of entertainment and communications holdings, including several sports teams and Qwest. He has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party and GOP candidates, and his oil exploration corporation received permission from the Bush Administration to drill in Montana's Valley of Chiefs, an area which has been designated as an "Area of Critical Environmental Concern" and is sacred to many Native Americans. According to the Foundation's website, the "Pass it on" campaign is appearing on 10,000 billboards, on over 900 television stations, and in every United Artists, Regal and Edwards movie theater in the country. Those three theater chains together have over 6,000 screens, nearly 20 percent of the U.S. total. While this is useful information, there isn't much more on the website, not even how to contact them. On the Portland Indymedia website, "rEvolutionary [sic] investigator" posted the domain name registration for the Foundation's website, forbetterlife.org, and noted that the "Anschutz Corp" was listed as the registrant. The address was the same as that of the Anschutz Exploration Corporation (AEC) of Denver, Colorado, the company pushing for the Valley of the Chiefs drilling. IndyMedia journalist "anaisX" added a link to a Box Office Online article that describes how Anschutz used predatory business practices to gain ownership of the United Artists, Regal and Edwards movie theater chains. Suddenly, it made sense that the campaign was playing in all those theaters. Another IndyMedia journalist, "anonymous activist research nerd," dug into Internal Revenue Service records and found that Philip Anschutz was listed as the Director of the Foundation, with other posts filled by his wife and several apparent family members. "nerd" [sic] also mentioned that Anschutz used to own Southern Pacific Railroad, from which he spun off the much-disdained Qwest Communications."
        http://home.teleport.com/~alliance/2002/april/billboard.html "Narnia headed for the big screen: Walden Media, a company owned by Christian billionaire Philip Anschutz, has announced plans to team with the CS Lewis Co. to produce a live action film version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Lewis's stepson, Douglas Gresham, says it has been a dream to make Narnia films for many years, and says he is confident that the partnership with Walden "will create the adaptation that my stepfather would have wanted."
        http://www.anglicanmediasydney.asn.au/oldnews/2001_november.htm "according to research firm Thomson Financial. Philip Anschutz, a Qwest board member, sold $1.5 billion in stock in May 1999. All this was while Qwest stock was soaring high above its current value of less than a buck and a half a share. Did they know something the average investor did not? That is a question for federal investigators to rigorously probe, inasmuch as Qwest now is admitting "bookkeeping errors" that may have overstated its revenues by $1.16 billion from 1999 to 2001. Those "errors" sound plenty fishy. Qwest bought fiber-optic capacity from such now-disgraced enterprises as Global Crossing and Enron, booking it as a capital expense. Capital expenses are parceled out over several years to minimize their impact on the bottom line. But when it sold the same amount of fiber-optic capacity back to those same companies, Qwest booked the money immediately as revenue, making it appear that more money was coming in than really was." http://www.gazette.com/stories/0801opin1.php "wonder if the Pride committee know that it is the US Republican and homophobe, Philip Anschutz, who" http://www.overyourhead.co.uk/archives/2001_12_01_overyourhead_archive .html
        "BBC NEWS | Business | Executives 'cash in' at height of boom Published in BBC News - Indexed on Aug 23, 2002 Normally, people who sell at the top of the market are applauded for their foresight. However, in the light of the huge plunge in share values and allegations of fraud and false revenues, this survey further reinforces the perception that some executives 'took the money and ran'. The fact that several executives profited from their stewardship of under-performing companies also undermines the assertion that these stock options were linked to executive performance. The top 25 Qwest Communications' Phil Anschutz topped the list. He sold $1.57bn of stock to BellSouth in May 1999. The shares were sold at $47." . Forest Oil" www.forestoil.com (note, not part of article being quoted, Forest Oil has allegedly been a major Republican contributor) "The Anschutz Investment Company holds an interest in Forest Oil Corporation. Forest has in excess of 1.4 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves, located primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, on shore United States and Canada's Western Sedimentary Basin. Forest is a New York Stock Exchange listed company with a current market capitalization of approximately $1.5 billion. Pacific Energy Partners Pacific Energy owns crude oil transportation and distribution assets in California and the Rocky Mountains (NYSE: PPX). Anschutz was a founder and remains as the largest shareholder of the outstanding common stock.The Anschutz Company and its affiliated companies are principally engaged in telecommunications and media, natural resources, transportation, real estate, sports and entertainment. The Company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado since the late 1960s is one of the largest privately owned and operated companies in the United States."
        " Qwest www.qwest.com Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) is a leader in broadband Internet-based data, voice, and image communications. The Anschutz Company was an original founder of Qwest, and remains as the largest shareholder of the outstanding common stock."
        " Union Pacific www.unionpacific.com In the late 1980's and early 1990's the Company operated the Southern Pacific railroad. In 1996, Southern Pacific merged with Union Pacific Corporation to create the largest railroad in North America. Anschutz remains a major shareholder of Union Pacific Corporation, a New York Stock Exchange listed company. The Anschutz Company has several oil and gas investments and operations."
        "Pacific Energy Partners Pacific Energy owns crude oil transportation and distribution assets in California and the Rocky Mountains (NYSE: PPX). Anschutz was a founder and remains as the largest shareholder of the outstanding common stock."
        "Anschutz Exploration. www.anschutz-exploration.com The Company also conducts oil and gas exploration and production activities of its own in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. Regal Entertainment Group is a leading motion picture exhibitor operating the largest theatre circuit in the United States. Its circuit, comprising Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres and Edwards Cinemas, operates 5,829 screens in 553 theatres in 36 states. As a subsidiary of Regal Entertainment Group, Regal CineMedia focuses on leveraging the theatre assets to sell digital advertising and conduct corporate communications services, conferencing, product introductions and distance learning. The Anschutz Company is the largest shareholder of the outstanding common stock of Regal Entertainment Group, a New York Stock Exchange listed company. Anschutz Entertainment Group, Inc. (AEG) is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Anschutz Corporation, owns or controls a collection of companies including facilities such as STAPLES Center, the London Arena, the Forum (as exclusive booking agent for sports and entertainment programming), HEALTHSOUTH Training Center and Kodak Theatre (as operator); sports franchises including the Los Angeles Kings (NHL), the Manchester Monarchs (AHL), Redding Royals (ECHL), five hockey franchises operated in Europe; Envision, a naming rights and sponsorship company; Spring Communications, devoted to creation and marketing of live events for pay-per-view and other electronic media; AEG Marketing, a full-service marketing and advertising agency; Concerts West and Goldenvoice, live entertainment promotion and touring companies. AEG has a number of sports holdings in Europe. These include the London Knights Hockey Club (England); the Berlin Eisbarons Hockey Club (Germany); the Munich Barons Hockey Club (Germany); the Geneva Eagles Hockey Club (Switzerland); the Hammarby Ice Hockey Club and Hammarby Football Club (Sweden). AEG is a partner in the HC Sparta Prague Ice Hockey Team (Czech Republic). AEG is currently overseeing the development of the L.A. Sports and Entertainment District, a proposed 4 million square foot development featuring LA Live, a 7000-seat state-of-the-art live theatre, a 1200-room convention "headquarters" hotel along with entertainment, restaurant and office space all adjacent to STAPLES Center. In addition, AEG is spearheading the creation of a $100 million National Training Center in Carson, CA that will include major facilities for soccer, tennis, track & field, cycling, basketball and other sports in southern California. Major League Soccer Anschutz was one of the founding investors in Major League Soccer, the Division 1 professional outdoor soccer league in the United States. Anschutz holdings include the Los Angeles Galaxy, the Colorado Rapids, the Chicago Fire, the New York Metrostars and the D.C. United. Crusader Entertainment Anschutz is the major shareholder in Crusader, a production company based in Los Angeles that is focused on developing and producing feature films and television programming with positive messages targeted at viewers of all ages. Walden Media Anschutz is the major shareholder in Walden Media, a production company based in New York City that is focused on developing and producing feature films and television programming with positive messages targeted at viewers of all ages. The Anschutz Company and its affiliated companies are principally engaged in telecommunications and media, natural resources, transportation, real estate, sports and entertainment. The Company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado since the late 1960s is one of the largest privately owned and operated companies in the United States."
        "Anschutz maintains a venture capital portfolio of approximately 25 companies. Our holdings are comprised primarily of telecom/data infrastructure developers, software solutions and storage companies. The Anschutz Company operates a passenger railroad operation in Denver, CO. The Ski Train runs between Denver and Winter Park, CO during ski season and for special summertime events. The Anschutz Company operates agribusiness properties in Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. These entities produce commodities including alfalfa, grains, chili peppers, corn, consumer vegetables, wine grapes and beef cattle for commercial markets. Please check back again soon for a link to our new agribusiness website."
        http://www.anschutzinvestments.com/group/group.html "Philip F. Anschutz, a member of Qwest's board and the company's largest shareholder, made almost $1.5 billion selling shares in May 1999. Most of the largest stock sellers have resigned from Qwest in the last 18 months."
        http://www.thesabre.com/message_board/america/2002/July/30/20288.html "Contemporary Honors Award Recipient Philip Anschutz 2000 Art, Oil, Sports, Railroads, Real Estate, Fiber-Optics, Agriculture, Telecommunications and Philanthropy Short Biography Fortune (9-6-99) magazine recently said: "Philip Anschutz may be the richest American you've never heard of. But, this in many ways ordinary guy is an extraordinary businessman." Philip Anschutz was born in Russell, Kansas, in 1939. His father was deeply involved in the rough-and-tumble 1950s oil market in Kansas and Wyoming which gave young Philip a zest for business early on. As a fourth-grader he is said to have mounted his Kool-aid roadside stand on two pairs of roller skates and rolled it up to the nearby college campus. The family moved often, including Hays and Wichita where he graduated from high school. Mr. Anschutz graduated from the University of Kansas in 1961, where he earned a finance degree, with honors, and enrolled at the University of Virginia law school. But, when his father fell ill, and, the family's finances took a turn for the worse, he returned home to help run the family business. He was quoted as saying the next five years were the hardest of his life, and, "As a wildcatter, 95% of everything you do is failure: Most holes are dry!" But, it turned out that Philip Anschutz had and has a remarkable ability to see hidden value where others don't and to act quickly on that knowledge while others are hesitant and miss out on the opportunity. He attributes it to watching his father and then developing his own sense of strategy and timing. His first big strike in 1967 tells a lot about the man. On first discovery of the oil, he immediately bought up surrounding oil leases, buying them on credit. The next day, a spark ignited the entire field, threatening to bankrupt him. He called in the famed firefighter, "Red" Adair, who was reluctant to cap the blazing well without assurance of compensation. Anschutz contacted Universal Studios, who were filming a story on Adair at the time, and sold them rights to film his fire, for $100,000, enough to assure payment to Adair and continued operations. In 1982, Anshutz sold a chunk of his find to Mobil for $500 million. This allowed him to diversify his investments into real-estate, agricultural interests and otherwise. Philip Anschutz, and his wife, Nancy, have made their family home in Denver, Colorado, where they have raised three children to adulthood. They have a relatively modest home and attend an Evangelical Presbyterian church regularly. Philip has run in over 15 marathons and they work hard at leading a "normal" life with old friends and close business associates."
        http://www.emporia.edu/kbhf/Contemporary/anschutz/anschutzshortbio.htm l "Philip F. Anschutz Net Worth $8.8 billion." "a worth of $16.5 billion, as Forbes says Anschutz does," "Part of Anschutz's vision for the growth of Qwest is pure genius. Not only has he laid the cable on his railroad rights-of-way, he has also laid miles of open pipe alongside, so that when other communications companies run out of capacity, Qwest will be ready to serve. At a steep price, of course.
        http://infinity.ccsi.com/~comcause/news/dolead.html "SEC subpoenas Qwest for papers linked to Global Crossing deals Tue Feb 12, (2002) Andrew Backover USA TODAY Qwest Communications has been drawn into the federal probe of Global Crossing's accounting practices, saying Monday that it has been subpoenaed by the Securities and Exchange Commission for documents relating to its dealings with Global Crossing.
        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BushBusters/message/3118 "Qwest bought $300 million in Enron assets in Q3 Reuters, NEW YORK, Dec 13 (2001) - Voice and data services company Qwest Communications International Inc.
        (nyse: Q - news - people) said on Thursday it purchased $300 million of assets from collapsed energy trader Enron Corp (nyse: ENE - news - people), while Enron agreed to purchase $100 million of network capacity on Qwest's high-speed network. Qwest said in October it had forged a deal to buy 5,500 miles of fiber routes and other assets from a "significant business customer," but had not previously disclosed that the deal was with Enron. As part of the deal, Enron had agreed to purchase $100 million in network capacity. Qwest said it had been paid in full by Enron, and it recognized $86 million of that revenue in the third quarter. Enron had committed to buying additional capacity from Qwest, but due to the energy company's bankruptcy Qwest said it did not include that deal in its latest business forecasts.***. For 2001, Qwest expects reported revenues to be about $19.8 billion, which falls short of Wall Street expectations of $20.3 billion. In 2002, it said reported revenue would be in the range of $19.4 billion to $19.8 billion, compared with Wall Street expectations of $21.10 billion, according to research firm Thomson Financial/First Call."
        http://www.forbes.com/newswire/2001/12/13/rtr453539.html ".Rocky Mountain News: Technology ... We don't comment on rumors and speculation." The nature of Qwest's relationship with Enron could come up again on Thursday, when Qwest gives its outlook to ... http://www.rockymountainnews.com/drmn/technology/article/0,1299,DRMN_4 9_904284,00.html
        "Is Qwest playing accounting games? Red Herring columnist Christopher Byron on Qwest's "creative" accounting. January 31, 2002 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BushBusters/message/3119 http://www.redherring.com/investor/2002/0131/contrarian.html " Telco bidding war reaches friendly end By John Borland Staff Writer, CNET News.com
        July 18, 1999 update The month-long bidding war over telephone companies US West and Frontier Communications has come to an amicable end, with one target going to each suitor.
        Undersea fiber-optic cable company Global Crossing and long-distance newcomer Qwest Communications have agreed to split the spoils, with Qwest buying US West and Global Crossing retaining its original $11 billion agreement to purchase Frontier."
        http://news.com.com/2100-1033-228632.html?legacy=cnet Global Crossing files bankruptcy "When [Coe and other Dole fundraisers] moved [to the RNC], do did the money of some of Dole's biggest backers. Philip Anschutz, a billionaire Denver oilman who serves on Dole's campaign finance committee, hadn't given heavily to the RNC in recent years. But in April, after Anschutz and his wife reached their individual contribution limits for Dole's presidential campaign, his company, Anschutz Corp., gave the RNC $250,000."
        http://publicintegrity.org/buying_updates.html List of top 10 Dole contributors -includes Anschutz http://www.ccsi.com/~comcause/news/rncdonor.html TWENTY-ONE WEALTHY SOFT MONEY DONORS GAVE $100,000 OR MORE EACH TO RNC includes Anschutz Corp "Qwest and Global Crossing to Swap Transatlantic High Capacity Fiber Between U.S. Cities and Europe Denver, CO - April 7, 1998 -
        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BushBusters/message/3123 http://www.globalcrossing.com/xml/news/1998/april/0 The Wall Street Journal of December 1st, 2000 page one states: " 'Madame Butterfly' Theresa LePore wasn't always an embattled Palm Beach ballots chief. In the 1980s she moonlighted as a flight attendant on private planes owned by Saudi weapons dealer Adnan Khashoggi, a middleman in Reagan administration arms sales to Iran."
        KHASHOGGI HAS ALSO BEEN CLOSE TO THE BIN LADEN FAMILY! Theresa Le Pore designed the infamous Butterfly Ballot in Palm Beach Florida. The Plot Thickens as they say, or does it, time will tell. Pamela Harriman was married to Randolph Churchill before she married Averell Harriman. Averell Harriman was the partner in Brown Brothers, Harriman, with Prescott Bush, the father of former President Bush, and with George Herbert Walker, former President Bush's grandfather. The W in George W. Bush stands for Walker. Pamela's son was named after his grandfather, Winston Churchill. Pamela's son ,Winston's alleged former mistress was Soraya Khashoggi, who was the former wife of arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. Small world isn't it. Khashoggi was also allegedly deeply involved with former President Bush in the Iran-Contra Affair http://www.uprr.com/uprr/ffh/history/sig-indv.shtml "Edward Henry Harriman 1848-1909 Railroad magnate, former president of the Illinois Central and president of the Union Pacific from 1904-1909. In 1897, Harriman, as part of an investment group, bought the bankrupt UP for $110 million dollars. Soon he set about improving the line, spending over $240 million, and creating a railroad empire. Known for possessing a vision of the new order toward which railroads were evolving, Harriman embraced gigantic undertakings and served as a catalyst in changing how railroads were run, specifically promoting consolidation and acquiring rival companies. One scholar writes of Harriman, "If they would not sell the colt, Harriman would buy the mare." "Averell Harriman 1892-1986 Son of E.H. Harriman chairmanship of Union Pacific (1920-1946)"
        " Only a few months before Iraq invaded Kuwait, Senator Bob Dole told (then Israeli Defense Minister Moshe) Arens that Saddam Hussein's threats against Israel were meant only as an indication of his response if Israel were to attack Iraq, and therefore were not to be taken seriously."
        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BushBusters/message/989 Dole visited Iraq himself and apologized to Saddam for a Voice of America report on Iraq that had criticized Saddam. Dole went on to tell Saddam that the person responsible for the report had been fired. Dole criticized Israel for arresting terror gang boss Sheik Obeid. Obeid was one of the terror gang bosses who cowardly send fanatics out to do their bidding while hiding themselves. Such cowards are often bullies attacking civilians. Dole claimed that Israel had "kidnapped" Obeid and should release him. Dole was running his own links to terror gangs in Lebanon in an attempt to win freedom for Western hostages held by the thugs. Dole's vicious criticism of Israel may at least in part be due to his own tragic self-image. Wounded seriously in World War Two, Dole appeared to suffer from his own version of the Stockholm Syndrome. For those not familiar with it, it was coined to describe some of the victims of terrorism. Specifically terror victims who end up siding with the terrorists who take them hostage. Dole's spirit was evidently broken by that trauma for after he was wounded he decided that he would "blame the enemies of Germany, rather than Germany for his wounds". He went so far as to learn German as he rebuilt his persona. Please see : Senator For Sale: An Unauthorized Biography of Senator Bob Dole by Hilton, Stanley Format: Hardcover - Dust Jacket Publisher :New York St Martin's Press 1995 " http://www.suntimes.com/index/willhtml . http://www. suntimes.com/index/will html http://www.sacbee.com/voices/national/will/ "George F. Will is an ABC News commentator, Pulitzer Prize winner, and author of a syndicated column which appears in more than 450 newspapers .He became a contributing editor of Newsweek magazine in 1976 and one year later was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. " wrote of then US Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate Bob Dole of Kansas in 1976 : "People who lie about history deserve to be forgotten by it. "Will was responding to Dole's comments in his televised Vice-presidential debate with then US Vice President Walter Mondale, Dole said in that debate in response to a question on the pardon of former US President Nixon by then US President Ford: " Well, it, uh, it is an appropriate topic I guess, but it's not a very good issue, any more than the war in Vietnam would be, or World War II, or World War I, or the war in Korea. All Democrat wars. All in this century. I figured up the other day, if we added up all the killed and wounded in Democrat wars in this century, it would be about 1.6 million Americans, enough to fill the city of Detroit."
        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BushBusters/message/46 When I saw that debate in 1976 I was horrified. Had America stayed out of World War Two what sort of world would this be? Clearly it would be one in which Dole was not wounded in that war. It would also be one that most probably would have been won by Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini. Is that the kind of world Dole wishes we were in now? The links of the Bush-Cheney gangsters to railroads and to Harriman run deep. The Dole links are coated in dollars. Both Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney, his wife, have served on the board of Union Pacific, Dick Cheney has also served on the board of telecom giant, former Baby Bell, US West, a company bought by Qwest, whose founder is Philip Anschutz- Dole's fellow Kansan, who, like George W. Bush , and like Katherine Harris' multi-millionaire and late grandfather Griffin, has been a prominent figure in the world of such things as sports stadiums and or sports teams, a Kansan, and major long time contributor to Bob Dole) Philip Anschutz -, as head of Union Pacific, was in a position to take advantage of the railroad right of way that makes it possible for Qwest to provide enormous bandwidth, Qwest also has the contract to build the next version of the Internet, the educational version of the Internet http://infinity.ccsi.com/~comcause/news/dolead.html "Philip Anschutz, a billionaire Denver oilman who serves on Dole's campaign finance committee, hadn't given heavily to the RNC in recent years. But in April, after Anschutz and his wife reached their individual contribution limits for Dole's presidential campaign, his company, Anschutz Corp., gave the RNC $250,000."
        http://publicintegrity.org/buying_updates.html LYNNE V. CHENEY SENIOR FELLOW AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE FOR PUBLIC POLICY RESEARCH Dr. Cheney, author, lecturer and CNN television commentator, joined the Board of Directors in 1993. A senior fellow of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research since January 1993, she served as Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities for seven years before that. Dr. Cheney is also a director of FPL Group, Inc. (parent of Florida Power and Light Co.), IDS Mutual Fund Group, Lockheed-Martin Corp. and Union Pacific Resources Group, Inc." http://www.konformist.com/2000/donkey-dick-cheney.htm "Cheney is also a corporate director of such giant companies as Procter and Gamble, TRW, EDS, US West, Union Pacific and Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defense contractor. His wife, the rabidly reactionary Lynne Cheney, earned $300K as a board director on many of the same firms."


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