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Nazis In America


"Eight decades ago, during the 1930s, young German Americans attended Camp Siegfried. Their summer camp immersion entailed learning Nazi ideology, singing German folk songs, and wearing those creepy paramilitary Hitler Youth short-shorts. There they were, goosestepping and Heil Hitlering away, day and night, sleeping in bunks with swastikas emblazoned above the doorways. All this occurred a short walk from the intersection of Hitler Street and Goering Street, in Yaphank, New York, on Long Island, 60 miles from the Statue of Liberty.
        Camp Siegfried was among the pro-Nazi summer camps affiliated with the German-American Bund, the homegrown organization that by 1941 had 25,000 members. Camp Siegfried was located next to a bigger German colony in Yaphank. Restricted to German Americans, “German Gardens,” as the neighborhood was called, named streets after prominent Germans, which then included Hitler, Goering, Goebbels. "

On August 14, 1938, the largest Nazi rally outside of Germany took place. The New York Times reported that 40,000 attended this rally! It is amazing, but the largest Nazi rally outside of Germany took place on American soil. It was held at Camp Siegfried, in Yaphank, on Long Island, in NY. This was the very epicenter of Nazism in the United States.
       The very next month, on Sept. 21st, "the Great Hurricane of 1938" smashed into Long Island with a 25-30 foot wall of water with such fury that it registered on seismographs as far away as Alaska. Because it moved at the incredible speed of 70 mph, it was nicknamed "the Long Island Express". After first hitting Bellport, on the south shore of Long Island, the epicenter of the eye of the Great Hurricane of 1938 then passed directly over Camp Siegfried and Adolph Hitler Street, the very epicenter of Nazism in the United States! Since 1635, close to 400 years, this was just the third hurricane of this magnitude to hit Long Island and the Great Hurricane of 1938 was perhaps the most powerful of the three.
       [ taken with modifications from https://books.google.com/books?id=I7B1Q0pqegUC pp. 50-51]

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