Believe it or not, this is a "404 error-msg.", but not like
any that you have ever seen before anywhere else!

You have probably been redirected to this page because you clicked on a link to a file that may be temporarily "out of service".  That's not your fault. As the creator of that link and the architect of the website where that file was orignally placed, I am currently in the process of doing a complete revamping of hundreds of pages on my 20 or so websites. And that is resulting in some of my older-links becoming "dead-ends". Eventually I will find and refresh all of those links. But in the meantime, I want my guests to experience as little disruption as possible, so I have created this "life-saver page".
        On most websites, when the page a guest is looking for isn't available, all that visitor gets is a message saying in effect "You're out of luck. No such file here!" But, with this life-saver.jpg page", I'm providing you a way to actually find the file you were looking for, along with many others that you might want to check out. All you need to do is look through the file-names in the list below and click on the most promising names (ending with "htm" rather than "html").
        Although the files are listed alphabetically from a-z, you can reverse that order by clicking on the "Name" title.
        If you get this error message a second time it is probably because you clicked on a link to a file in the "about" folder that is not quite ready for public consumption. If you email me,, the file-name, I may be able to speed up its "graduation" to the www.
        In the meantime, however, you can check the list and try one of the other files.
        Once you have made a few choices, you will be able to use the arrow links below to navigate back and forth between those choices.