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Responding to Holocaust Denial

          The following is from an article published in 2009 by a very Conservative writer in order to defends Pope Benedict XVI's controversial lifting of the excommunication of the St. Pius X Society's four bishops, one of whom is an infamous holocaust denier. I don't think the author succeeded in his main purpose, but the following section, in which he exposes the errors of SPXS Bishop Richard Williamson position, I found to be outstanding :

"At any rate, there is a mountain of evidence that Jews were gassed at Auschwitz, Treblinka and other locations. For example, anyone who has done even cursory research on the matter will encounter the Nuremberg trial testimony and memoirs of the very Commandant of Auschwitz, the butcher Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess (not to be confused with Rudolf Walter Richard Hess, Hitler’s deputy), who designed and supervised the operation of the gas chambers at that infamous place. As he admitted in the affidavit testimony presented during his trial at Nuremberg:

Another improvement we made over Treblinka was that we built our gas chambers to accommodate 2,000 people at one time, whereas at Treblinka their 10 gas chambers only accommodated 200 people each. The way we selected our victims was as follows: we had two SS doctors on duty at Auschwitz to examine the incoming transports of prisoners. The prisoners would be marched past one of the doctors who would make spot decisions as they walked by. Those who were fit for work were sent into the Camp. Others were sent immediately to the extermination plants. Children of tender years were invariably exterminated since by reason of their youth they were unable to work.
        Still another improvement we made over Treblinka was that at Treblinka the victims almost always knew that they were to be exterminated and at Auschwitz we endeavored to fool the victims into thinking that they were to go through a delousing process. Of course, frequently they realized our true intentions and we sometimes had riots and difficulties due to that fact. Very frequently women would hide their children under the clothes but of course when we found them we would send the children in to be exterminated. We were required to carry out these exterminations in secrecy but of course the foul and nauseating stench from the continuous burning of bodies permeated the entire area and all of the people living in the surrounding communities knew that exterminations were going on at Auschwitz.

        Hoess later recalled that he had begun gassing Jews by using woolen filters soaked with sulfuric acid and thrown into the killing chambers, or by filling the chambers with carbon monoxide, but that he was able to increase “efficiency” immensely by using Zyklon B cyanide gas. He claimed that at their peak efficiency the killing chambers at Auschwitz could dispose of 10,000 Jewish men, women and children in only 24 hours.
        Before he was tried in Poland and executed in 1947 outside the crematorium he had built at Auschwitz, Hoess was called as a defense witness at the Nuremberg Trials by Ernst Kaltenbrunner, head of the Austrian SS. In the course of his testimony he affirmed the following contents of his affidavit, wherein he estimated (based on numbers provided to him by Adolf Eichmann) that his factory-like killing operation had exterminated some 2.5 million Jews at Auschwitz alone, plus another half million claimed by disease and starvation at the camp:

"I have been constantly associated with the administration of concentration camps since 1934, serving at Dachau until 1938; then as Adjutant in Sachsenhausen from 1938 to 1 May 1940, when I was appointed Commandant of Auschwitz. I commanded Auschwitz until 1 December 1943, and estimate that at least 2,500,000 victims were executed and exterminated there by gassing and burning, and at least another half million succumbed to starvation and disease making a total dead of about 3,000,000. This figure represents about 70 or 80 percent of all persons sent to Auschwitz as prisoners, the remainder having been selected and used for slave labor in the concentration camp industries…

        In his memoirs, penned during his imprisonment in Cracow, Hoess lowered his estimate of the number of Jews he had ordered gassed and burned at Auschwitz to around 1.1 million, citing a lack of accurate records. Recent demographic research does in fact fix the number at around 1.1 million, based on the total of 1.3 million Jewish deportees to Auschwitz minus the 200,000 documented survivors.
        . . . Seemingly proud of the efficiency with which he carried out Der Führer’s order to exterminate the Jews, Hoess was also a devoted family man who, like the mass murderers employed by abortion mills, went home each night after a day of killing to dote on his wife and children.  As this singular moral monster recalled:

"When in the summer of 1941 he [Hitler] gave me the order to prepare installations at Auschwitz where mass exterminations could take place, and personally to carry out these exterminations, I did not have the slightest idea of their scale or consequences. It was certainly an extraordinary and monstrous order. Nevertheless the reasons behind the extermination programme seemed to me right. I did not reflect on it at the time: I had been given an order, and I had to carry it out. Whether this mass extermination of the Jews was necessary or not was something on which I could not allow myself to form an opinion, for I lacked the necessary breadth of view.

        Holocaust revisionists, pursuing their obsession with minimizing the number of Jewish dead, take the absurd position that not only Hoess’ confession after his capture, but also his testimony on behalf of Kaltenbrunner and his memoirs were all the product of coercion and are all “worthless.” They also maintain that the testimony of all the surviving witnesses at Auschwitz concerning the gas chambers, both victims and perpetrators, is “unreliable.”  But the Hoess memoirs provide an account of the gassing of multitudes of Jews “in substantive agreement with other testimony by victims and perpetrators at Auschwitz.”
        Furthermore, four days before he was hanged, Hoess, who could not possibly have been under any coercion at that point, sent this statement of repentance to the state prosecutor:

My conscience compels me to make the following declaration. In the solitude of my prison cell I have come to the bitter recognition that I have sinned gravely against humanity. As Commandant of Auschwitz I was responsible for carrying out part of the cruel plans of the “Third Reich” for human destruction. In so doing I have inflicted terrible wounds on humanity. I caused unspeakable suffering for the Polish people in particular. I am to pay for this with my life. May the Lord God forgive one day what I have done. I ask the Polish people for forgiveness. In Polish prisons I experienced for the first time what human kindness is. Despite all that has happened I have experienced humane treatment which I could never have expected, and which has deeply shamed me. May the facts which are now coming out about the horrible crimes against humanity make the repetition of such cruel acts impossible for all time.

        "As for Bishop Williamson’s on-camera contention (citing no particular evidence) that only 200,000 to 300,000 Jews died in the concentration camps, here too we confront what appears to be a lack of even cursory research. Adolf Eichman, the very head of the pan-European SS, admitted in a communiqué to Heinrich Himmler (and elsewhere) that under his supervision the SS was responsible for the killing of some six million Jews, a document that was used against him with devastating effect at his trial. Six million was not a number “invented by Zionists,” but rather the working estimate based not only on Eichmann’s admission but also on census figures, concentration camp registration documents, and the number of missing people never accounted for. It was an estimate accepted by Eichmann himself during his trial, which was televised to the world. For example: A, by Eichmann: " In my opinion, to break an oath of loyalty is the worst crime and offence that a man can commit."
Q. " A crime greater than the murder of six million Jews, amongst them one and a half million children, is that correct?"
A, by Eichmann: " Not that, of course.  But I was not occupied in extermination.  Had I been occupied in exterminating, had I been ordered to deal with extermination—I believe that I would have committed suicide by shooting myself."
        As the Judgment issued after the Eichmann trial observes of this testimony in its findings of fact: “That is, had he been ordered to throw the gas container amongst the victims, then his conscience would have woken up, but since it was his duty to hunt down the victims in the countries of Europe and transport them to the gas chambers, his conscience was at peace, and he obeyed orders without hesitation.”
Source :
        Anyone with even a superficial knowledge of the Eichmann trial knows that he did not contest the evidence against him. His defense team did not even cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, but merely raised the sole defense that their client was “following orders.”
        Eichmann’s estimate of six million aside, consider only the numbers from Poland, where some 3.3 million Jews resided when Hitler rose to power. Given the extermination of 91% of that population by the SS as commonly estimated (including 850,000 victims at Treblinka), in Poland alone roughly three million Jews were exterminated. It is easy to see how Eichmann arrived at the number six million and why that number is generally viewed as an accurate death toll."

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