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More on Raymond (David) Dubuque

Ray as DominicanConservative Christians live such a cloistered life that they tend to have a hard time believing that any Christian can be anything but a narrow-minded, bible-thumping conservative like themselves, let alone a liberal Christian and - God-forbid!.- a liberal clergyman. Since they sometimes question how I can truly be what I say, I have gathered a number of pictures going back many years to show that I was indeed ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic church, back on Feb. 4th, in 1967 after actually having been a Dominican friar (or monk) for a time, by the name of "Brother Pius", and then a United Methodist clergyman (after leaving the Catholic Church on my own terms, to lead a more moral life).

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For those who only believe what they see on TV,
here's Rev. Ray Dubuque featured on
a national CBS TV program.

For those who like documentary evidence:

Here's my Licentiate in Theology Degree from one of
America's most prestigious R. C. universities :

Degree in Theology

Here's my official ordination certificate
for the benefit of those who can read Latin:

Rays Orders

For those who like photographic evidence:

Here are pictures for the more visually inclined :
pictures of Rays Ordination

Ray with several families

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