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Who is David (or Ray) Dubuque ?

Jesus, F.D.R. & Ray

Here I am pictured with two of my greatest heroes : Jesus of Nazareth, whose "New Testament" teaching and example, if actually put into practice, could do so much to solve the problems of our world, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the man whose "New Deal" programs went so far in implementing the teaching of Jesus & the greatest prophets of the "Old Testament" to love our neighbors, not in word only, but in deed.

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I was the younger of two sons born in Chicago to a very devout Roman Catholic family.  My early schooling was in Catholic schools, where a really dedicated priest turned me on to what Catholics were then calling the "Social Gospel", and which so many so-called "Christian conservatives" today cannot distinguish from "socialism" or "communism". 
        Wanting to be like this saintly mentor, I spent sixteen years in Catholic seminaries.  including four more years than usual devoted to the study of the philosophy of Aristotle, the theology of Thomas Aquinas and the Good News of Jesus Christ, all of which I found to be empowering and liberating.  After earning the equivalent of a Master's degree in Theology at Catholic University of America, in D.C., and a Master's in Philosophy at the U. of Connecticut, and being ordained a priest, I became a seminary professor.
        For the most part, what I experienced personally was the best that Roman Catholicism had to offer. But the higher I progressed in the R.C. hierarchy, the more corruption, dishonesty and hypocrisy I found, and the harder I found it to reconcile the promotion of this institution with the promotion of my what I prize most in life, the teaching and example of Jesus of Nazareth. For a time, I hoped that the forces of reform might succeed. One of my greatest contributions to that effort was this powerful sermon, challenging the "Supreme Pontiff" and "the Princes of the Church", on behalf of the voiceless people in the pews. After I had the opportunity to preach this message to several congregations and got a surprisingly positive response, I acted on the advice of the pastor of one such church and sent a copy to the pope's U.S. representative and to all 200 or so Catholic bishops in America.  I was ready for all hell to break lose and to be kicked out of the priesthood. But, when not a single representative of the church responded - not even to tell my superiors to get me back into line,- I had all the proof amyone could need that the R.C. is being run by "shepherds" who don't know and don't care about what is going on with their sheep (so long as they " pay and pray".
        Even though I've never experienced the worst of the R.C. church personally, my conscience did not allow me to be a part of an institution that is nowhere near "the one, true, holy, Catholic (universal) church" or the self-same church established by Jesus, that it claims to be. Thanks in fact to the very ability to think and to love and search for the truth which I learned in some very good Catholic schools and seminaries, I was led inevitably to the conclusion that it would be iummoral for me to continue to tell the world, by my identification with the church, that I believed and supported its constant stream of lies and dishonesty.
        There were thousands, perhaps millions, of other Catholics coming to that same decision at the time. Among them was one of the most genuine Christian women imaginable, and the most active lay person in one of the churches where I had served.  Jane and I fell in love and married, and joined the United Methodist Church, which welcomed me into its ministry. She had five children at the time,  but we were persuaded by the teaching of Jesus ("when you did it to the least of these, you did it to ME") to rescue five other children from the long list of "hard to place" adoption lists, three of them severely handicapped, and to promote the adoption of many more such children by others. 
        I lead a total of nine U. M. C. churches (sometimes 2 at a time), in the states of New York and Connecticut,  until I was forced to retire early, because of Jane's health, on the one hand, but, on the other, because there were always some in my congregations that chafed at my promoting what I consider crucial to Christ's teaching : the obligation of the relatively few "haves" of this world to be more concerned about the vast majority of others who are "have nots" (not through any fault of their own, but usually because of the injustice and indifference of others).
        I am now retired, after working in the computer field for 20 years, and now find web publishing a great way to spread the word that the "Religious Right" are friends not of Christ (who was one of the greatest "Liberals" of all time), but the very kind of people who were the mortal foes of Jesus of Nazareth all his life.
        To see what others are saying about my work, see some of the remarkable testimonials that I have received.
        Since the creation of his first website in 1996, Ray has gone on to create a dozen or more, as described at RaysMajorSites.

Ray with Book -- Persian Proverb --
"He who knows not, and
knows not that he knows not,
is a fool.   Shun him.

He who knows not, and
knows that he knows not,
is a child.   Teach him.

He who knows, and
knows not that he knows,
is asleep.   Wake him.

He who knows, and
knows that he knows,
is wise.   Follow him."


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