This collection of images from the period of the Third Reich
clearly demonstrate how closely identified
the Nazi authorities of Germany were with Christianity :
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All of these symbols are not conclusive proof that Hitler and the rest of the Nazi leaders had genuine affection for God and/or Christianity.  They do prove, however, that these political leaders recognized the political reality of their time and place, namely that 98% of the people of Germany considered themselves "Christians", and that these leaders felt a need to use Christian symbolism to persuade their Christian population to embrace Nazism with enthusiasm.

In contrast to what these actual symbols of the times suggest, what evidence is there to support the romanticized view of many Roman Catholics of our time that their co-religionists of that period were heroic fighters against Nazism and victims along with the Jews of that regime? In the absence of any evidence, I submit that many base their conclusions on nothing but wishful thinking and on fiction such as the Hollywood movie, "Sound of Music". Instead of hearing the screams of Jewish victims throughout the land, what the devoutly Catholic Von Trapp family heard and sang about were beautiful mountains "alive with the sound of music". Why were this Catholic couple romanticized as heroes for escaping supposed persecution in Nazi Austria, while blissfully leaving behind all of the real victims of the Nazi regime, their Jewish neighbors?



Jesus, a German soldier and an Aryan family adorn the pulpit
of the imposing Martin Luther Memorial Church
established in the 1930's in Mariendorf (south Berlin)


The leadership of the "German Christian" Party

Deutsche-Christen-flag.jpg Hitlerhosts huge Xmas Party

HitlerWithMutterCross.jpg MothersCross.jpg
DeutschenChristen2.jpg FriedrichCoch.jpg
LudWigMuller2.jpg FaulhaberNazis.jpg
reviewing Nazi troops

If the Nazis weren't Christians in life,
why were they burried as such in death?


The Holy Family overseeing the Nazi cemetery below

One of the largest of Germany's war cemeteries, in La Cambe (Normandy) France

The Nazi military buried under crosses in the cemeteries above
viewed themselves as every bit as Christian as the Americans buried
under crosses in U.S. military cemeteries such as the one below.
The biggest difference between their cemeteries and ours
isn't the shape of their crosses, but the fact that - unlike ours -
they didn't allow for the star of David among their crosses.

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